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Lala Kent Talks About Going Hard On Raquel Leviss At 'VPR' Reunion

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By Kay on June 11, 2023 at 12:30 PM EDT

Lala Kent was spotted at LAX and of course, she was asked about that rough three-part reunion. It seems like she’s feeling remorseful.

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Lala Kent Demolished Raquel Leviss

Lala Kent's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Lala Kent

All of Kent’s misplaced anger came out on Raquel Leviss in the final part of the dramatic three-part reunion. She acted out of control, getting out of her seat, pointing, and screaming at Leviss about an affair that didn’t affect her directly.

Understandably she was upset for her good friend Ariana Madix but yelling insults like “hoe” and telling people to “shut up” when the question was directed at them was a bit much. Viewers left the reunion with mixed feelings.

Some commented online that Kent was “out of pocket”. Some even reminded her that she was indeed a mistress whether she was aware of it or not. That doesn’t change the definition. Now Kent is admitting her behavior was pushing it.

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Lala Kent Feels A Little Bad

Lala Kent at Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party

TMZ spotted the mom of one at the airport and just had to ask her if she feels any kind of way about how she treated Leviss during the reunion and beyond. “In the moment, after the reunion when we left, I felt dirty,” she admitted.

“After watching last night when she had finally had the breakdown, just as a human, it was like, if this… is her reaction.” Kent continued “Maybe we are dealing with someone who should not be on this type of platform.”

Kent did revert a bit and say that Leviss needs to know that when she’s on a show like Vanderpump Rules doing something like cheating and “throwing daggers” at people for the same thing, “you’re gonna get the smoke.”

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Raquel Leviss Confession Was Eye Opening

'VPR' Raquel Leviss Fires Off Legal Docs To Co-Stars, A Forewarning To Haters

The stone cold Kent, like many watched the reunion when it aired and said the last five minutes that was teased for weeks shook her slightly. “I don’t know how other people feel about the last five minutes, but I did sit there and go ‘oh, s**t, she needs some real help.’”

She continued, “I hope that she got it.” Leviss is currently still in a mental health facility working on herself. She entered the undisclosed facility shortly after filming the reunion. Tom Sandoval was spotted on a flight to Philly talking to Leviss.

This made people think that she was out of the facility and back chatting it up with Sandoval. It wasn’t a good look and still isn’t, but PageSix confirmed she is still in the facility.

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Will Raquel Leviss Be Welcomed Back?

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When asked what happens if Leviss decided to return to the show and if the would interact with the former beauty queen, her answer was surprising. “I feel like time has passed,” she admits. A much different answer from what fans would have gotten at the beginning of the scandal.

“at the end of the day, yes, it was not a great thing but you can come back from this. I just want her to do what’s best for her. On the show or not on the show. When the normally cold Kent was called out on her empathy, she smiled.

Would she film with Leviss again? Kent said, “If it made sense. We were never really friends but if she were to come into the mix again, I would most certainly not ice her out.”

Wow, this is a new Lauren from Utah.

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