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Lala Kent Advises All 'VPR' Fans What 10 Things They'll Need For Pt.3 Of Reunion!

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By MLC on June 7, 2023 at 3:45 PM EDT

Clutch your purls and hang onto your “Pumptinis!”

Part three of “Vanderpump Rules” will air tonight and it’s shaping up to be an absolute doozy… according to multiple cast members.

Lala Kent took to social media ahead of the reunion airing to warn fans and also give some helpful advice on what to prepare ahead of time.

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Lala Kent Prepares Fans For Part 3 Of 'VPR' Reunion

Lala Kent at "Magic Las Vegas"

She had a lengthy list of TEN items every ‘VPR’ fan should have as part of a “care package” for themselves.

“So, I feel like I’ll be doing you guys a disservice if I don’t tell you what you’re gonna need in your final episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ care package,” Lala stated in the video. “Um, you’re gonna need a box of tissues, lots of water, throat lozenges, um, make sure you have tea and honey, because you’re going to need it for the screaming after. Eye drops, alcohol if you drink, um, lots of vapes if you vape.”

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Here Are The 10 Things Every 'VPR' Fan Will Need To Watch Pt. 3

However, Lala had a few other recommendations for fans.

“And then I would recommend maybe like those things you put in the freezer for your eyes, because if you have to work in the morning you don’t want to be puffy, and I feel like you will be,” she admitted. “Oh, also ChapStick. Your mouth might get dry and you don’t want your lips all crusty for work the next day too.”

One very final, last piece of advice included a “sleep aid.”

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Her co-star, James Kennedy, backed up her claims.

James watched part three of the reunion on Tuesday, June 6th, and claimed no one is ready for what is about to go down.

“Let me just tell you, pffff, like, if you were thinking that you were like over it right? Or, you were ready to forgive anyone, okay? Just watch tomorrow and I swear you’re gonna get shot right back to square one,” he said.

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To top off both of James and Lala’s claims were none other than Andy Cohen himself.

During his SiriusXM radio show, Cohen made the bold claim that Tom Sandoval will “upset every woman in America.”

“There is something Tom Sandoval says tonight on the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion that is going to upset every woman in America,” he told his co-host, John Hill. “It’s going to cut. Women are going to… it was an aside that he said and when he said it. Everyone in the room was like [inaudible.]”

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Andy Cohen Says Tom Sandoval Will 'Upset Every Woman In America'

//Andy Cohen  scaled

Hill pressed, “Did everyone hear it?” to which Cohen said, “Oh, yes.”

Now, if you’re thinking what Sandoval says is the highly anticipated “bombshell” that’s been teased for the past three weeks… think again.

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Cohen confirmed this is NOT the “bombshell.”

“It’s gonna cut to the core for a lot of women,” Cohen added of Sandoval’s controversial comment. “It’s just something that a straight guy – the category is, ‘Things straight guys should never say about women.’”

Part three of the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion airs tonight on Bravo at 9 PM E.T.

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