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Mark Hamill Talks His ‘Star Wars’ Future As Luke Skywalker

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By Kristin Myers on June 1, 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT
Updated on June 2, 2023 at 11:10 AM EDT

Actor Mark Hamill is not ready to return to a galaxy far, far away any time soon.

Many fans were disappointed by just how little his character of Luke Skywalker was featured in the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, which covered 2015's "The Force Awakens," 2017's "The Last Jedi," and 2019's "The Rise of Skywalker."

Although there is always the possibility that the actor can return to a galaxy far, far away again as a Force ghost, the 71-year-old actor seemed to cast doubts on that happening.

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Mark Hamill Doesn't Have 'Expectations' Of Joining Daisy Ridley In A New 'Star Wars' Film

Daisy Ridley with Mark Hamill
Instagram | Daisy Ridley

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote his new film "The Machine," Mark Hamill also discussed his future with the "Star Wars" franchise.

“When I read [EpisodeVIII, I knew it was over," Hamill said. "So I was relishing every moment, but also saying goodbye to all those people that I had associated with over the years. So I still miss them.”

His "The Last Jedi" costar Daisy Ridley is reprising her role as Rey for another film set fifteen years after the events of "The Rise of Skywalker." The new film plans to focus on Rey rebuilding the Jedi Order fifteen years after the fall of the First Order.

Although this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce Mark Hamill as a Force ghost, he told the publication, "No, I don't have any expectations of that happening."

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Mark Hamill Likes Roles That Are 'Unexpected'

Mark Hamill at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'

Elsewhere in the interview, Mark Hamill said that he likes to take on roles "that are just totally unexpected, like playing Crow in Sushi Girl (2012). That’s a low-budget gangster movie that very few people saw, but there’s always something you value in the things that you do."

"I try to start with a clean slate and not acknowledge anything I’ve done before. I approach each project like it’s the first job I’ve ever had," he continued before being asked about his role in the new Stephen King short story "The Life of Chuck."

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“The Life of Chuck” is a short story from Stephen King’s 2020 anthology “If It Bleeds.” It tells the life story of Charles Krantz’s life in reverse, starting with his death from a brain tumor at age 39 and ending with his childhood in a house that is suspected to be haunted.

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Actor Tom Hiddleston will also star in the project, which will be directed by frequent King collaborator Mike Flanagan. Flanagan and Hamill previously worked together on Netflix's "The Fall of the House of Usher."

"Mike sort of has a repertory group of actors that he uses over and over again. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but I adore the man and he’s so gifted," Hamill told the publication. "The minute he wanted me back, I was like, 'Just tell me where and when and I’ll be there.'"

Even He Doesn't Know Why It Took So Long For Carrie Fisher To Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

On May 4, 2023, his "Star Wars" costar Carrie Fisher was finally granted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher's daughter, actress Billie Lourd, were present at the event. They each gave an emotional speech to honor the late Princess Leia.

When asked why it took so long for the late actress, who passed away in December 2016, to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Mark replied, "Yeah. Well, I don’t know their rules and how they judge that, but it sure would’ve been nice to have had it happen when she was still with us, obviously."

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FILE: Carrie Fisher Dies, Age 60

"But I’m glad they at least came around, even though, like you say, it was very long in coming," he added. During his emotional speech, he said that the "Shampoo" actress obliterated every expectation that he had of her during their first meeting.

“Carrie was one-of-a-kind who belonged to us all, whether we liked it or not. She was our Princess,” he said, calling her “determined and tough but with a vulnerability that made you want to see her succeed and be happy.” Although he admitted that she could be “a handful,” he said that everything would be “less interesting” if she “hadn’t been the friend that she was.”

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