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Jeremy Renner Shares Update On Recovery Since Near-Fatal Snowplow Accident

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By Favour Adegoke on May 21, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT

Jeremy Renner recently shared an update about his recovery with fans, posting a video of him jogging for the first time since his ghastly accident. The actor has shared multiple videos of himself trying to regain mobility after shattering his tibia.

One video showed the "Avengers" actor receiving assistance as he used a walker to take short steps. Despite his injuries, the Academy Award nominee kept promoting his new documentary, "Rennervations."

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Renner said he was fortunate the plow missed his vital organs. His MCU co-stars, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, made a lowkey trip to Renner during his recovery. 

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Jeremy Renner Shared His Physical Recovery Update

On Thursday, Jeremy Renner made an Instagram post to update fans about his physical recovery. The "Avengers" actor shared a video of him exercising his legs on an anti-gravity treadmill. He captioned the post, "First attempt at a very light jog with weight-assisted lift for the broken tibia."

In his update, Renner also shared his short motivation during recovery, writing, "Pain is progress for me." He said jogging was "a new exercise" and required "movement I'm not used to." As he jogged and started breathing heavier, Renner added, "Walking and jogging [use] very different muscle groups."

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He's Shared Clips Of Himself Exercising

Renner has recently shared several clips of his physical recovery progress with fans. The videos showed the 52-year-old actor doing different exercises to regain full mobility in his legs after shattering his tibia.

About a week ago, Renner shared a motivational video showing all his progress since his January accident. The clip showed the "Mayor of Kingstown" actor receiving assistance as he used a walker to take small steps.

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By the end of the video, which his physical therapist compiled, Renner had increased his stability and speed and walked without assistance. In another video, the actor showed himself working out and said he was taking "the new parts for a tiny test drive."

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Jeremy Renner Narrowly Survived And Had Multiple Surgeries

Jeremy Renner broke 30-plus bones in snow plow accident
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

Renner narrowly survived being crushed under a snowplow on New Year's Day and suffered significant injuries. This meant over 30 broken bones, including eight ribs, a collapsed lung, and a shattered knee and ankle. A rib also pierced his liver, and his eye socket dislocated.

In April, Renner had an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote his new documentary miniseries, "Rennervations." The Academy Award nominee discussed his injuries and said he was very "lucky" that he survived the scary accident and that the snowplow didn't hit viral body parts.

He shared, "It (the snowplow) just missed every vertebra, did not hit any organs, membrane did not swell. My eye did pop out — that's weird — but I got pretty lucky that none of the organs got messed up."

His 'Avengers' Co-stars Paid A Secret Visit To Him

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Renner's terrible accident led to a partial reunion of his "Avengers" co-star. Actress Scarlett Johansson and actor Chris Evans had a secret visit to Renner at his Los Angeles home. Johansson revealed their stay during a cover story interview with Variety magazine, during which she discussed her 30-year film career.

She said, "To not only see him again but to see him thriving and mentally in such an amazing space. He's a very spiritual person in general and a very soulful person. And you can see that in his work. It comes through. He has such depth to him. And I just was so happy to see that he is full of life and light and hilarious. We laughed a lot."

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Evans was also present during Johansson's interview and shared more details of their visit with Renner. He said, "No tears at all. A lot of laughs and smiles and hugs. Leave it to Jeremy to take something this potentially tragic and turn it into something inspiring."

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