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Meghan King Laments Woes Of Single Parenting Amid 'Vengance' From Ex Jim Edmonds

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on May 13, 2023 at 10:00 AM EDT

Meghan King is back at it with her ex-husband and father of her three kids, Jim Edmonds, as she accuses him of being abusive amid a custody battle despite being divorced for about two years.

As a single parent to their children, the reality star claims she has been through quite a lot, especially with her ex, whom she described as vengeful while recently dishing on her ordeal on social media.

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Meghan King Says She Has Been 'Threatened' By Jim Edmonds Amid Custody Battle

Recently, King shed light on her situation with her estranged husband while appreciating her kids for being her "entire reason" for existing. On Instagram, she shared several pictures featuring herself in high spirits with the youngsters whose faces were obscured with emojis.

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In the caption, she wrote a lengthy message about how "difficult" it has been not to post her children's faces" and touched on the challenges of being a single parent amid a "horrific" custody battle. "They are my entire reason of being: my tribe, my people, and who I am protecting by what you’re going to read," she declared.

The reality star then continued, "Being a single parent is the hardest thing I've ever done.  Especially in this horrific situation when the other side is consumed with vengeance."

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She added, "I've been beaten down, verbally abused, intimidated, threatened, and harassed with no signs of slowing down or end in sight, and it's killing my soul." King further claimed that while no one in the legal system was bothered to help her or her kids, she relied on the Instagram subscription model that has been therapeutic to her healing journey.

She explained that the feature provided an avenue to "release the abuse I constantly receive without having to dwell on it or rehash it."

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Additionally, it validates her experience and serves as a "safe haven of solidarity" for people with similar experiences. The TV personality then brushed on the "mom/work struggle," which she has been able to manage so far thanks to the subscription model, as she can be present for her kids while still earning money.

In conclusion, she urged fans to subscribe if they wanted to "know the truth" and thanked them for their support and love as she healed and reclaimed her power. Such candidness got fans sharing their narratives in the comments section, with a few commending King for spreading awareness about such situations.

One commenter wrote, "Narcissistic abuse is real and devastating. I can't begin to imagine the abuse you must have to endure. Silence is their kryptonite. Don't react. Don't respond. Find your peace."

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Another followed, "This is truly a problem SO many women deal with, and it's not talked about enough. Coparenting with a narcissist is so frightening, dealing with verbal/emotional abuse and threats."

A fellow supporter chimed, "We are your safe place. We always will be. We support you. We love you. Those four things are SO very important. Utilize us. Utilize the hell out of us for your healing."

One other fan praised her for "doing an amazing job at momming" after noting that the entire family court system was built to "break mothers down."

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King's lamentation comes after she was served with custody papers a second time which she spoke about on the red carpet of an awards ceremony.  When asked how she felt, she stated that she kept being the best mother she could and focused only on her "number one priority" — her kids. 

Furthermore, the 38-year-old was confident that the case of the other mothers of Edmond's kids who have had similar experiences to hers would speak for itself. In her words, "Jim has had three separate mothers of his children, and we’ve all experienced the same kind of thing. So, I’m just gonna let that speak for itself."

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Despite being married three times in her lifetime, King remains determined to find her soulmate and shared how she planned on doing that. The Blast reported that she explained on Instagram her intentions to ditch dating apps this year and instead, head to Home Depot to "look confused in the lumber aisle."

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Jim Edmonds 

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" alum wrote so after dropping a reel of herself looking glammed up in a vehicle and about to head out. She also asked her fans for any better ideas for finding her perfect match, prompting them to troop in with opinions.

One jokingly advised her to "try Sams Club" if she was looking for a father figure before another follower agreed with her idea, saying it worked every time.   

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