Shemar Moore at "S.W.A.T." photocall during 58th Monte-Carlo International Television Festival

Fans React As Shemar Moore Calls Out CBS For Cancellation Of 'S.W.A.T'

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 8, 2023 at 6:30 PM EDT

Shemar Moore has publicly slammed C.B.S. for canceling "S.W.A.T." after six seasons.

The recent report that the show had been axed was a surprise, as it has been pulling some impressive ratings. Although the decision allegedly led to behind-the-scenes financial disputes, Moore is determined to let the broadcast network know they messed up by pulling the plug. And his fans — and those of the show — also chimed in with their own two cents on the devastating occurrence.

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Fans Not Moved By Shemar Moore's Update On C.B.S.' Cancellation Of 'S.W.A.T.'

With C.B.S.'s cancellation of "S.W.A.T.," Moore stepped in front of the camera to protest the decision, especially since it was also the "most diverse" program on the network. To that end, the actor, the procedural drama's lead since it began in 2017, shared an Instagram video where he used a few seconds to touch on his new clean-shaven look, which is his way of "starting fresh." 

The "Criminal Minds" alum then disclosed in near-disbelief, "I've got sunglasses on, late as h*ll at night, 'cause I'm a little bit sad. I'm a lot a bit sad. We got canceled, S.W.A.T. S.W.A.T. got canceled. It makes no sense."

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"Look up the articles, read the articles. We're the best show on Friday night at 8 o'clock for C.B.S. For the last two years, we've been killing it. Us and the fire show. The fire show that comes on right after us," the "Hav Plenty" star explained, referring to "Fire Country."

Moore claimed that he and his other co-stars "did everything asked for" before dropping his truth bomb about being the "only African American male lead on network television."

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After reiterating that point, Moore added that he could "get in a lot of trouble with C.B.S." for "calling them out" since they had treated him right for "26 out of my 29-year career." Later in the video, the Daytime Emmy nominee showed appreciation to his colleagues and asked fans to "make some f**king noise" that would let C.B.S. know that canceling the series "is a f**king mistake."

The minutes-long candid update quickly became a point for several viewers, with many confidently sharing their disappointment in the network's decision in the comments.

While some called entertainment companies such as Paramount and Netflix to pick "S.W.A.T." up, others encouraged the N.A.A.C.P. Image Awards winner to "keep his chin up," and a third set berated C.B.S.

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Amid the support, however, were a few remarks from netizens who looked beyond Moore's sentiments and saw something different. "Race, again.??," one critic wrote, as another commented, "It's not all about money. It's because of her, and you know it."

Even though the "her" in question remains unclear, another person claimed, "Jesiree ran around being racist toward some of your black fans and bullying them, her and her friends," further noting:

"Also, she was after your money anyway, so this is the aftermath when people try to claim someone just because of money network."

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Shemar Moore's GF Jesiree Dizon Evokes 2-Year Memories In Sweet Birthday Post
Instagram | Jesiree Dizon

A fourth Instagram user sarcastically typed, "Didn't know you knew you were African American. I have never seen you supporting African American women's posts. Karma is karma." A fifth netizen declared that even though they loved Moore, his take was "disappointing" because he was "using the race card not to get canceled."

The president of C.B.S. Entertainment, Amy Reichenbach, has since "sincerely" appreciated Moore and the team of writers and producers for "their incredible work and passion" via Deadline.

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The Producer Was Praised By His Partner In A Lovely Birthday Shoutout

Although his career has hit a stalemate, Moore is not lacking love in his life as the "Reign of the Supermen" star's 53rd birthday was sweetly celebrated on social media by his girlfriend and baby mama, Jesiree Dizon.

The Blast noted that the mother-of-three uploaded ten images on Instagram that showcased her and her beau enjoying some great moments in their relationship, including sharing a laugh and holding two adorable dogs.

The lover girl also included a pic of Moore holding their daughter, Frankie, tenderly before the trio posed for a snap next to the actor's late mother's gravestone. Beneath the heart-tugging slideshow, the model wrote:

"Another year celebrating you, another year loving you, laughing with you, sh*t talking you, driving you bat sh*t crazy, and now parenting with you…. 2 down, 47 more to go I guess l'm stuck with you…."

The post has garnered over 26k likes since she dropped it on April 20.

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