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Comedy Legend Carol Burnett Celebrates Her 90th Birthday!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 26, 2023 at 2:45 PM EDT

Comedienne Carol Burnettis 90 years old today!

The comedy pioneer, known for her groundbreaking sketch comedy show "The Carol Burnett Show," helped cement the road for women in entertainment. "The Carol Burnett Show" also helped pave the way for sketch comedy shows; the show was on air for nine seasons from 1967 until 1978.

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Hollywood Icon Carol Burnett Shares How She REALLY Feels About Turning 90
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Burnett is nowhere near retirement; she is still working steadily, helping usher in the next generation of comedians with Netflix's "A Little Help With Carol Burnett" and showing viewers the extent of her repertoire by appearing on "Better Call Saul."

Social media lit up to commemorate Burnett's 90th birthday; celebrities and fans flooded Twitter with well wishes!

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Burnett Reflects On Turning 90!

Carol Burnett at KImmel

The Blast has covered many aspects of Burnett's career and insight in recent years, including her thoughts on turning 90.

Not only has the comedienne recently reflected on her fruitful life, but her legendary library of work will also be commemorated tonight on NBC!

Burnett also reflected on "The Carol Burnett Show" and whether it would have a place in today's entertainment landscape.

In a conversation with Page Six, Burnett said, "I don't think a network would go for what we did. We had a 28-piece live orchestra, we had 12 dancers and we had two guest stars a week, and Bob Mackie designed- get this- 60 to 75 costumes a week, everything everyone wore in all the sketches and all the musical numbers, on and on and on," she shared.

She also brought up the inner workings of studio production.

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'I'm just so fortunate, at this age, to be able to hit the sandbox and play with people'

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"And no network today would spend that money," Burnett continued. "The money that it would cost today would be astronomical. So they're not going to go for it. And you know, they feel that variety is dead, which I don't believe it is."

She added, "There are so many people who could do a variety show, but... they couldn't do what we did because of the cost. That's the problem. That's why there aren't any shows like ours or Dean Martin, or any of those, you know, can't happen today."

Burnett summed up her reflection by saying "I'm just so fortunate, at this age, to be able to hit the sandbox and play with people" (via Page Six, per The Blast).

Tonight's commemorative TV special "Carol Burnett: 90 Years Of Laughter + Love" received Burnett's full seal of approval!

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"I was gobsmacked by the evening," she also told the outlet. "It was incredible. It's not a birthday party. It's not a roast. It's a variety show."

Celebs Wish Burnett A Day Full Of Love And Laughter!

Burnett's legacy is evident in the countless birthday wishes she received on social media!

Actress Julia Louis Dreyfus posted a photo alongside Burnett and Norman Lear at an event and wrote, "The real deal is the real deal. Happy birthday, Carol. I love you"

Comedian Randy Rainbow posted a photo set of himself and Burnett on Twitter, writing, "Happy 90th Birthday, my darling Carol Burnett! all the love coming your way. No one deserves it more."

Writer Danny Pellegrino tweeted, "The [crown emoji] Carol Burnett Special that airs on @nbc tonight is SO good. An old school special with stars & clips & unhinged musical pairings. I LOVED it [heart emoji]"

A fan tweeted a story of a time when they received an autograph from their idol!

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"happy 90th birthday carol burnett!!!! when i was a junior in high school my grandmother wrote her letter about how much i loved her and she sent back a signed headshot and a piece of stationary. this is me receiving them right after performing in my junior year musical," they wrote.

Producer Dan Pasternack tweeted, "My mother was rarely starstruck. But a Carol Burnett sighting transformed my poised, formidable mom into a Bobby-Soxer. So it was a great personal thrill for me to introduce my mom to the woman I knew best as the sweet, loving mother of my schoolmates. Happy 90th, @imcarolburnett!"

Amy Poehler reflected on the role Burnett had played in her life while on the red carpet for the NBC special.

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"Carol means to me my childhood. I watched her when I was a young person. She's always been someone very aspirational for me," the "Parks and Recreation" actress said.

"Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Love + Laughter" airs tonight at 8/7c!

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