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Abby De La Rosa Says Nick Cannon Being With His Other Baby Mamas Is A 'Turn On' 

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By Favour Adegoke on April 26, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT

Abby De La Rosa, who co-hosts "The Daily Cannon" with Nick Cannon, recently opened up about her non-monogamous relationship with the comedian. She revealed that seeing the rapper with his other partners turns her on a little, but she also admitted to feeling jealous sometimes.

De La Rosa had previously shared that she knew about Cannon's non-monogamous lifestyle when they began dating and was also dating other people.

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Abby De La Rosa's First Meeting With Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon joins Abby De La Rosa and kids in family photoshoot for Easter

Radio personality Abby De La Rosa recently spoke about her non-monogamous relationship with Nick Cannon. Cannon, who has six women as the mothers of his twelve children, shares three kids with De La Rosa. The couple welcomed twin sons, Zillion and Zion, in June 2021, and their daughter, Beautiful, was born in November 2022.

On top of being one of his baby mamas, De La Rosa is a co-host and DJ on Cannon's new show, "The Daily Cannon," which airs every weekday morning on Amp Radio. During Monday's episode, she spoke candidly about her relationship with the rapper and her first encounter with him while he was DJ-ing at an event.

Interestingly, she also mentioned that one of Cannon's other baby mamas was at the same event. Despite this, De La Rosa said she "got love for all the women."

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She Admits She Gets Turned On Seeing Him With His Other Baby Mamas

Abby De La Rosa's post on her Instagram page

Although Cannon has twelve children, most were born within the last three years, with five new additions in 2022 alone. De La Rosa's daughter, Beautiful, was among the babies welcomed into Cannon's expanding family.

During the recent episode of "The Daily Cannon," co-host Courtney Bee Bledsoe asked De La Rosa about her feelings towards Cannon's other partners, asking if she feels "a little jealousy" seeing the comedian with other women.

De La Rosa admitted, per Insider, that she does feel a little jealous at times but also acknowledged that she gets turned on by the thought of Cannon with other women, saying, "Because I am so, like, calm and chill, what it will do for me is turn me on a little bit."

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Abby De La Rosa On Her Non-Monogamous Relationship With Nick Cannon

Abby De La Rosa and Nick Cannon with family

De La Rosa has been open about her relationship with Cannon on multiple occasions. In September 2022, she appeared on the "Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram" podcast and shared insights into her non-monogamous relationship with Cannon.

The mom of three revealed that she knew from the beginning that Cannon was not interested in monogamy. "I was very self-aware and well aware of what I was getting involved in," she stated, adding that she's "always known the type of lifestyle he lived" and was dating other people when they first met.

De La Rosa elaborated on the misconceptions surrounding polyamorous relationships, emphasizing that "being in a polyamorous situation does not mean you have low self-esteem."

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Nick Cannon Says Being A Father Is His Top Priority 

Fans Poke Fun At Nick Cannon After Teasing Another 'Big News'
Instagram/nick cannon

In a recent interview with People magazine, Cannon opened up about his roles as a father and his immense love for his large family. Cannon shared that fatherhood is his number one priority, saying, "I believe that's what we're put on this planet to do, is to guide and usher in your offspring. So fatherhood is my number one priority when I open my eyes when I get up every morning."

"Career and work and all of that, take a second," he added. The TV personality also noted many rumors and misconceptions surrounding his life, but he remains confident in his parenting decisions.

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Addressing how many people perceive his lifestyle, he said, "I understand that my lifestyle isn't typical to society and can be viewed as unorthodox in some ways. But my goal in life is to love my kids and be there for them and provide for them." The comedian added, "Like I always say, I just love with abundance."

Cannon is a proud father of twelve children, including twins Monroe and Moroccan, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey. He has children with other partners, including Abby De La Rosa, Brittany Bell, Bre Tiesi, and LaNisha Cole. Sadly, he lost his son Zen to brain cancer in December 2021 but continues to be a loving father to his surviving children, including his newest addition, daughter Halo Marie.

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