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Nick Cannon Claims His 'Super Sperm' Is Immune To Birth Control: 'People Still Got Pregnant!'

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By Favour Adegoke on April 23, 2023 at 1:30 PM EDT

Nick Cannon declared he has "super sperm," immune even against birth control. The actor has 12 children with six women, including iconic singer Mariah Carey.

During a conversation with Howie Mandel and his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, Cannon said he's happy with his 12 kids. In an earlier interview, the actor revealed he's allowing "God" to decide when to stop having kids.

The TV host recently said he's open to having a child with Taylor Swift, whom he called an "amazing singer."

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Nick Cannon Says He Has 'Super Sperm'

Nick Cannon at the Premiere 'Sextuplets' In Los Angeles

Nick Cannon spoke about his large family during his recent interview with Howie Mandel and his daughter, Jackelyn. At one point, Mandel asked the TV personality if he was planning on having more kids or getting on birth control.

Cannon grinned as he replied, "Yes, but I'm going to be honest, some of the — hey, I've got some super sperm or something because I practiced birth control, and people still got pregnant. But to say that, I'm trying to be as responsible as possible."

The actor then shared that right now, he's happy with his 12 kids. He said, "I'm good with my dozen. But there's no way to answer that question correctly because everyone has a problem with how I answer it, so I say, as of right now, I have 12, and I'm thrilled, but if — I don't know what's in store in the future."

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Mandel noted that Cannon is very busy to catch, saying, "When Nick is not in production, he's in reproduction." The "Drum Line" star laughed as he replied, "I'm taking that line."

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Nick Cannon Is Letting God Decide When To Stop Having Kids

Nick Cannon preparing for more babies in 2022

Currently, Cannon has 12 kids with six women, including Mariah Carey, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott, Brittany Bell, Bre Tiesi, and Lanisha Cole. In February, the "Wild 'n Out" host said in an interview that "God" decides when he'll stop having more kids.

He said, "I'm at a point in my life where I can dedicate my entire existence to them even when I'm working; it's all to benefit my children." During an interview the following month, Cannon spoke about regretting that he and Christina Milan never had any kids. The duo dated for two years and co-starred in the 2003 film "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

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He Addressed Rumors Of His Child Support Payments

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

In March, Cannon also addressed the reports that he has failed to pay government-stipulated child support. The headlines on the issue were because he'd said during an interview that he aims to give out more than the government stipulation.

He said, "No offense to anyone within the system, but that system is set up by the government to help monitor how you care for your children. I want to give everything to my children so that I would give above and beyond. What's mine is theirs."

In November, just before the birth of his 12th child, The Sun reported that Cannon was paying an estimated $3 million in child support. He quickly responded to the article, saying the actual amount is "much more" than just $3 million. 

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Nick Cannon Is Open To Having Kids With Taylor Swift

Nick Cannon Expecting His 8th Child With Johnny Manziel's Ex-Wife?!

During a "The Howard Stern Show appearance," Cannon was asked if he'd ever have a child with Taylor Swift. The actor was immediately interested and said, "That's the one. I'm all in!" He called Swift an "amazing songwriter" who's always been open about her love life.

He said, "I think she would relate to me very well, based on, like, you've dated many people in the public eye, and so have I. So we probably would understand each other." When Stern asked if Cannon knew of Swift's breakup with longtime partner, Joe Alwyn, he said, "You know that my Spidey senses were tingling."

Over the years, Swift has been in multiple high-profile relationships and often shares her love stories in her music. Swift's former partners include Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Lautner, Calvin Harris, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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