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Fans Weigh In On Micah Lussier's Appearance On 'The Viall Files'

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 22, 2023 at 3:30 PM EDT
Updated on April 26, 2023 at 4:50 PM EDT

"Love Is Blind" star Micah Lussier is stepping behind the mic!

The 27-year-old made waves as a cast member of the Netflix dating series' fourth season. Lussier was criticized for many aspects of her on-screen presence; fans were quick to note her treatment of the other women in the contestants' living quarters, her friendship with her hometown best friend, and for persuading her now, ex-fiancé Paul Peden to determine the fate of their relationship at the altar.

On Thursday, "Love Is Blind" fans will finally hear Lussier's side of the story. On Thursday, she stopped by one of the most popular destinations for reality TV stars: former 'Bachelor' Nick Viall's "The Viall Files" podcast.

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Lussier is the second cast member from season four to speak their truth on Viall's podcast. Marshall Glaze stopped by Viall's studio earlier this week to tell his side of the story concerning his ill-fated romance with Jackie Bonds. The third season cast member Raven Ross revealed her perspective on her former relationship with SK Alagbada.

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Social Media Has Weighed In On Lussier And Peden's Relationship, And The Commentary Continues

The "Love Is Blind" fandom has had many opportunities to weigh in on the personal lives of season four's cast. Both Lussier and Peden have been publicly open about the outcome of their relationship.

The Blast recently covered Peden's interview with TMZ wherein the reality star reveals his ex-fianceé went on a European vacation after the duo's post-show breakup; Peden and Lussier said they had attempted to give their relationship another chance after filming concluded.

The 28-year-old environmental scientist alleges in the interview that Lussier "immediately f***ed off to Europe" following their final breakup; he also reveals she had been the one to pull the plug on their relationship.

Peden later took to his Instagram stories to clarify his statement about Lussier's getaway.

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He wrote, "...we were broken up at that point, and she was within her right to date whoever, as could I. And the vacation weren't until months after they had begun dating and we had broken up," he explained. "Just because it hurt me doesn't mean it was wrong."

Lussier also provided her side of the story on her Instagram story later on the same day.

She said, "On a real note, a ton happened between Paul and me that, of course, not everyone got to see or experience before AND after the show. There was real love, and with real love comes real hurt," Lussier continued. "And that's our business. And for now, I will keep it that way- and hopefully, he will do the same. Time to move on [heart emoji]."

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The statements from both parties reflect social media's fascination with their relationship; many of Lussier's Instagram photos feature comments about her actions. Commentators on TMZ's Instagram post for Peden's interview also slammed Lussier numerous times.

"Paul is the best. She is just too emotionally immature for him," a TMZ Instagram follower wrote.

"It was a setup. Micah should have taken accountability and answered [sic] at the altar. Smh," another commented.

"Paul, you dodged a bullet !" another wrote.

"Micah also def went on to get her 15mins of fame," another said.

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Lussier Tells Her Side Of The Story On 'The Viall Files'

Thursday's "The Viall Files" episode allowed Lussier to tell her side of the story. Both Lussier and Viall posted on Instagram promoting the show. Listeners had plenty to say about Lussier's interview across social media platforms.

The "Love Is Blind" star posted two reels on her Insta grid, and fans were all too eager to weigh in.

"Mean girl trying to convince everyone she's nice," a listener said.

"She deserves better friends," another wrote.

"Ok, clearly Micah and Paul have human problems, but seriously it was so obvious she wanted to play the victim at the altar! She seems a little too calculated IMO, especially considering the company she keeps...," a fan wrote.

"Micah stepped up, and now I'm a fan," a commentator shared on Lussier's second post. "She carried herself with grace and kindness."

"They both needed reassurance in the relationship, and none [sic] was giving off that vibe. And honestly, that short time you guys were together,  you both needed time to grow into each other .," another listener wrote.

"Great episode. It made me like her a bit more," another fan shared.

Lussier and Glaze's interviews on "The Viall Files" are available to stream on listeners, podcast providers, and YouTube!

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