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Pattie Boyd Cryptically Tweeted About Her Former Rocker Husbands: Is There Tea To Spill?

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 22, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Former model and 1960s fashion icon Pattie Boyd is tweeting, and classic rock fans' tongues are wagging!

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Boyd was married to both the late Beatle George Harrison and rock icon Eric Clapton at different points in time. Harrison and the Cream rocker were famously friends, and the "My Sweet Lord" singer later gave his seal of approval to his relationship with Boyd in the late Seventies.

Boyd and Harrison tied the knot during the height of Beatlemania in 1966 and divorced 11 years later. Clapton and Boyd were married for a decade between 1979 and '89.

Boyd, who is now 79, has been quite open about both of her relationships with both men in the past, and she continues to reference them online. The "Wonderful Tonight" author recently took to Twitter and cryptically tweeted about her ex-husbands!

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Boyd Shared Details Of Her Life With Harrison In A Recently Released Photography Book

Boyd had been a fixture in front of the camera back in the day, and now she has compiled snapshots from her rock 'n' roll life into a photography collection.

We reported on Boyd's "My Life In Pictures" when it was released in October. While promoting the book, she shared details about her marriage to the 'Quiet Beatle'. The Blast also commemorated Harrison's posthumous 80th birthday last October. Harrison passed away from throat cancer in November of 2001.

Boyd and Harrison's marriage wasn't always picture-perfect. She did not hold back during an interview with El Pais about her years spent married to Harrison.

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"I don't miss those times," she said bluntly, referencing the famous period wherein The Beatles experimented with meditation in India during the late Sixties. Harrison was an avid admirer of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as the band and their wives studied transcendental meditation. According to The Beatles Bible, Boyd became fascinated with Eastern philosophy and religion after she went on a vacation to Bombay in 1966.

"It was living in a bubble, surrounded by famous people, where all doors were open to you. But even today I lead a wonderful life..." she told the outlet.

Boyd went more in-depth in her recollection of her marriage to the "Yer Blues" singer. She would tell the Telegraph that the duo lived "A ludicrous and painful life" together.

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While she didn't recall details of her marriage to Clapton during the recent aforementioned promo interviews, Clapton has publicly discussed their marriage in the past. He would dispute his ex-wife's accounts of their marriage she wrote about in "Wonderful Tonight" while promoting his own memoir in the late 2000s.

"We each have our own versions of our years together," Clapton told the New York Times in 2007. He shared his own account of a story Boyd tells in "Wonderful Tonight" wherein the two men allegedly battled for her through a guitar-playing duel.

"I went over just to hang out, he got two guitars, and we played," he told the publication. "But we were always doing that, so how do you make an everyday thing into a commodity?"

The publication also reported Boyd echoed Clapton's sentiment about their marriage. She said in an email, "[Clapton is] quite right in saying we each have our memories of our years together."

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Boyd Takes To Twitter To Cheekily Reference Clapton And Harrison

Boyd also referred to herself and Clapton as being "friends" in the aforementioned New York Times interview. She recently referenced the duo on Twitter in a hilarious way!

According to Stereogum, Boyd quote-tweeted a thread from Return of Rock asking followers to choose between the two musicians. She wrote, "Now THERE'S a question,,,,,,,"

Writer Justin Kryk tweeted, "Rest of Twittersphere holds Pattie's beer til the end of time."

"Ms. Boyd wins Twitter today," a fan proclaimed.

"Arguably the most legit judge of us all," a follower weighed in.

Some Instagram users in the comments section of Stereogum's post pondered whether some commentators were unaware of the hilarity around Boyd's tweet!

"Does anyone in the comments understand why it's funny that Pattie Boyd is the one who reposted this?" a user asked. "But yes the answer is Harrison all f**king day and it's not even close."

"You guys are missing the whole point of the post," another user echoed. "look at who posted it."

"Kids, she was married to both of them," a fan explained.

"Pattie is unbelievably funny and I would sell an organ to chat and have drinks and chat with her," a follower wrote.

Boyd's two books, "Wonderful Tonight" and "My Life In Pictures" are both available!

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