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Pattie Boyd Divulges Her Private Misery During Her Marriage To Former Beatle George Harrison

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 25, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT

Pattie Boyd may have been married to two of the most famous rockers of all time, but that doesn't necessarily mean she lived a life of luxury, or even a life always full of love.

Boyd, now 78, was the envy of many Beatlemanaics during the sixties when she began dating and eventually married the 'Quiet Beatle,' the late George Harrison.

Now, more than two decades after Harrison's death, (and 35 years after her divorce from The Yardbirds and Cream guitarist, Eric Clapton), Boyd has been doing a bit of reflecting and revealing details about her life as one of rock and roll's most famous wives, while promoting her new photography book, "My Life In Pictures."

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Read on to find out some revelations that the former model has recently disclosed about her marriage to Harrison, and her thoughts concerning the lifelong association she will have in people's minds as 'Mrs. Famous Guitarist.'

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George Harrison Also Lived Through Some Very Painful Periods During The Beatles' Reign

A throwback photo of George Harrison sitting on a bench.
Instagram | George Harrison

Having been a member of arguably the most famous rock band of all time for only a decade in his 58 years much has been revealed over time about the difficulties Harrison experienced as a member of 'The Fab Four.'

Last November, The Blast explored some of the painful moments Harrison experienced as a Beatle.

In our report, we take a glimpse into Harrison's frustration, a topic that he freely discussed publicly decades later. Harrison revealed he had felt "caged" as a member of The Beatles. He had reportedly been fed up with the band's incomprehensible level of fame in the mid-sixties.

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Beatle fans were able to witness Harrison's feelings via last year's highly-anticipated "Get Back" documentary directed by Peter Jackson. Jackson's examination into the recording of The Beatles' 1970 LP, "Let It Be," which would be their last album, contained hours of never-before-seen footage.

"Get Back" features footage of Harrison declaring his desire and intention of leaving the band. Jackson took precautions while putting the finishing touches on "Get Back" by consulting Harrison's son, Dhani, to make sure there was no gray area moments Harrison's family may wish to keep private.

According to our report, Harrison gained some perspective into his late father's feelings after viewing a reel of "Get Back" footage. He also gave Jackson his approval after watching the footage.

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Inside The Former Mrs. Harrison's Private Pain

Falling in love with one of the most famous and sought-after men on the planet could have made Boyd feel as if she had reached her own personal version of nirvana.

However, her feelings about her marriage made her feel anything but completely content.

Boyd has recently recalled her marriage to Harrison in multiple interviews while promoting her aforementioned photography book.

She did not hold back during her interview with The Telegraph, or in a sit-down with El Pais.

"I don't miss those times," Boyd told the latter publication, in reference to The Beatles' meditation experiences in India in the late sixties; the band's desire to incorporate their mutual admiration for India and their collective fascination with spirituality would later become an important chapter within their career.

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"It was living in a bubble, surrounded by famous people, where all doors were open to you," she continued. "But even today I lead a wonderful life..."

Boyd's life lived in "a bubble" didn't always feel wonderful.

The "Wonderful Today" author summed up her feelings concerning her marriage to Harrison in her interview with The Telegraph.

Boyd described their life together, (they were married from 1966 until 1977), as being a "ludicrous and painful life."

Boyd would famously leave Harrison for his friend, Clapton, and the duo would marry two years after her divorce from Harrison.

The difficulties Boyd experienced while being married to two of rock and roll's most famous figures are now long gone. She takes great care in making sure she continues to move forward in her life.

"[Being interviewed] isn't something that scares me," she continued in her interview with El Pais. "It's not like I'm home all day watching television all day, you know? I go to the theater, I still take photos, and have a very active social life, so it won't be a big change."

Boyd also shared some of the insights she has learned over the years.

"It's essential to be faithful to yourself," she says, "not betray yourself, be honest and allow people to know you for who you really are. I don't think there's anything quite as important," Boyd concluded.

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