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Kanye West Reportedly Deactivates Instagram Amid Nasty Donda Academy Lawsuit

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on April 20, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT

Once again, Kanye West is doing what he knows best in the face of adversity — running away with his tail between his legs!

The renowned rapper, who legally goes by Ye, has been plagued by controversies for his unreserved views on social media and poor public conduct. In 2022, he faced severe backlash and lost several sponsors following his antisemitic tirade.

During this challenging period, the entertainer avoided the hate by leaving his social media platforms. Running away seems to be the Atlanta native's self-preservation skill, as he recently deactivated his Instagram account in the wake of new criticisms.

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Kanye, 'Ye' West, Leaves Instagram After Getting Sued By Former Teachers At His Academy

Kanye West might be suspect in a battery investigation

As of Tuesday, April 18, searching for the "Flashing Lights" artist on Instagram leads to a "user not found" message alongside an empty page with zero posts.

The decision to deactivate his account came on the heels of his return to the social media platform just last month. In 2022, Ye was suspended for breaking the site's rules with his online harassment of Pete Davidson, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian's now ex-boyfriend.

Following his antisemitic rants, the "Praise God" musician took a lengthy break from IG to avoid outpouring criticisms before making his grand return in March. The GQ Men of the Year honoree seems to be on another hiatus in the face of a new lawsuit.

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The Atlanta native was recently sued by former employees at his Donda Academy, an unaccredited Christian private school. In the legal documents obtained by The Blast, the Yeezy founder was called out by two female teachers for several disturbing claims, including "unlawful educational practices."

Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, the plaintiffs in question, shared scary stories about the academy's problematic systems. Hailey explained that she began working as a substitute teacher for the school on November 12, 2022, before becoming a third-grade teacher in January 2023.

That same month, the educational provider was promoted to fifth-grade teacher. While these changes should have pleased Hailey, the woman was more concerned about multiple health and safety violations at Donda Academy.

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The plaintiff, who allegedly has over twenty-five years of experience in the educational sector, claimed the school was not following state regulations regarding "students in need of educational services, additional testing, or individualized learning plans."

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Kanye West deactivates Instagram
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Hailey observed that teachers were not trained or required to have Basic Life Support (BLS) or undergo mandatory reporter training — a state requirement for educational providers. The academy's former staff also noted that there was no proper disciplinary system for students, resulting in multitudes of bullying cases.

A specific case of an unidentified student was highlighted in the court documents. The child reportedly slapped an eighth-grade student and tried to assault a teacher. Byers explained that the unnamed student has several unresolved physical and verbal bullying cases.

The former Donda school teachers also accused the institution of failing to have the proper facilities necessary to run the academy. These requirements included janitorial services, staff trained to provide medical care, and the absence of chairs and trash cans, among other restrictions.

Hailey and Byers were terminated in March 2023, which they believed was retaliation for reporting the school's terrible educational practices. Fighting back, the former teachers are suing for unpaid wages and emotional distress.

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The MOBO Award Winner Hinted At A New Collaboration With Balenciaga

Last month, The Blast reported that West made his grand return to Instagram with a cryptic post about possibly renewing his collaborations with the famous brand Balenciaga. The rapper fell out of favor with the fashion house following his antisemitic remarks.

Kanye West's 'Yeezy' Company Being Evicted From Calabasas Office
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After months of social media silence, the 24-time Grammy winner updated his IG account with a picture of a male model in a gray turtleneck bodysuit and a pair of red customized designer sunglasses.

The hip-hop icon tagged Balenciaga in the post, giving no additional explanation in his caption. Instead, the Atlanta native left fans to ponder the meaning behind his random position by writing: "Write a caption."

Following his suggestion, fans flooded the comments with various captions for the picture. Some played nice by gushing about their love for the "Runaway" rapper, while others used the opportunity to tease the 45-year-old about his antisemitic tirades.

"When the antisemite allegations end, and the companies forgive you," a troll penned while another asked: "Are you still an antisemitism, or should we stop following you?"

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