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By Kay on April 14, 2023 at 11:30 PM EDT

Cardi B is giving fans a glimpse into a day in her life with two kids, no Offset, and no nannies. It takes a village y'allou.

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Cardi Ba Has A Lot Of Energy

Cardi B Attends Wireless Festival London - Warner Music afterparty at The Twenty Two

The mom of two let the nannies have some time off for spring break and took on the responsibilities of a full-time mom. She uploaded a vlog sharing with followers her hectic day. "Let me see if I get the hang of this TikTok thing lol…..," the "Up" rapper joked.

"This is a regular No work day for me ……let me know if you all want more of these….SMOOCHIES??.”

The day started with Cardi getting out of bed, getting right to her morning routine, brushing her teeth, and getting ready for her hair and outfit. Cardi tries to stay as quiet as possible.

It wasn't good enough; her daughter Kulture heard mommy was up and made her way to the rapper's glamorous walk-in closet to help her get ready/take clothes out of the drawer, and throw them on the floor.

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Cardi B's Workout Routine Is NO Joke

Celebrities arrive at the pre-GRAMMY gala in LA

After preparing breakfast for both her kids and feeding her son Wave, the New York native heads to the gym, but only after securing her cousin as a babysitter for Wave and taking Kulture along with her to burn off some energy in the gym while she works out.

The "WAP" rapper's workout is intense; we wouldn't want to be doing it. Not only is she throwing those thick heavy ropes around, but she is also doing cardio, weights, chin-ups, and cardio while lifting weights.

She doesn't stop there after all that; she does a whole stretch class. In the voiceover, she shares that her goal is to return to being as flexible as she was when she was a stripper. You have to love the honesty out of Cardi's mouth.

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Another sign that her workout may be a little intense is that it was daylight when she left the house, and when she left the gym, it was dark. On the plus side, she is wearing tight yoga pants that interest her followers.

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Cardi B Target Run And Night Routine

//cardi B and kids with Offset

The busy mom and Kulture went straight to Target after her gym session; she wanted to reward the little one with treats and a toy after behaving so well at the gym for what seemed like hours.

Cardi ended the night with a pizza for herself and the kids and promptly told the haters to keep the comments to themselves. If she feels like giving her kids pizza for dinner, she will.

The vlog was peak Cardi; the narration, the content, fans couldn't have asked for more. They took to the comments to tell her how entertained they were. "Mom Life! I Love It. Do More Videos Like This. People Need To See That Fame Don't Mean You're Not Human Anymore," shared a follower.

"He's such a normal person; you can also tell she does things with her kids & not just for "show," wrote another fan.

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"I am so here for lifestyle content, Cardi, lol," agreed another follower.

Do you want to see more vlogs from Cardi?

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