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Doja Cat Fans To The Rescue As Her Search For Album Name Continues

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 14, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Excitement builds as Doja Cat drops hints about her highly-anticipated fourth studio album.

The rapper, who gained popularity with her viral hit "Mooo!" in 2018, has since become a rising star in the music industry. Although she has not officially announced her upcoming album, she has been dropping hints about the music that inspires her as she works on the project.

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Doja Cat Fans Help With Search For Album Name 

In a recent tweet, the singer teased her followers about being unable to decide what to name her album, writing, "idk what to name my album; I keep changing my mind." Shortly after that, responses began to pour in from her loyal fans in a bid to help in the search for the perfect name.  

One user took her back to her baldhead era with this suggestion, "Name it "Ball headed ho shit" and then like draw a Joker/batman face on it." This person showed how impatient they were and stated, "Name it 'the one after planet her,'" to which another fan who was feeling the same way responded, "Atp just call it "the album" 😭."

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Doja Cat Arrives for the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas
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This person wrote, "Name it 'FARTS.'" A Twitter user doubted, "Be fr do u even have an album ready," and someone replied emphatically, "yea, she does look at her instead."  

They might be onto something, as earlier, the "Say So" singer also created a buzz among her fans after deleting all of her Instagram posts and leaving only one picture of a foggy sea with the caption, "4."  

This caused her followers to express their frustrations under the post like this person who desperately asked, "4 DAYS ? 4 WEEKS ? 4 MONTHS ? 4 YEARS ? (pls no)." Another anxiously begged, "juJustnnounce it pls, my god," and a third wrote, "Doja, My Emotional dependency depends on you." 

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A fourth gushed in excitement, "WE FINALLY MADE IT THROUGH THE DROUGHT??!? DON'T PLAY WITH ME, DOJA." While not much has been said about her upcoming project, The Blast reported back in February that it seemed like 2023 would be a year of exploration music-wise for the star. 

During an interview with Variety, Doja Cat revealed her plans saying, "I know that I've made a lot of pink and soft things, a lot of pop and glittery sounds, but for this next era, I'm going in a more masculine direction."

While she kept mum on specific details, the artist pledged to include more rap in the upcoming project, citing her track "Vegas" as an example, which sampled parts of Elvis Presley's iconic song "Hound Dog."

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Doja Cat 2022 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

She also disclosed her desire to explore the punk genre and clarified that she did not intend to delve into pop-punk, citing many artists in that category. Instead, she emphasized her inclination towards a different style, saying:

"I want to explore more of a raw, unfiltered, hardcore punk sort of thing. It's just something that I'm doing for my own personal fun — getting some drummers and guitarists together. And I don't even know if that's gonna make it out there."

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'Woman' Singer Fearlessly Shares Plastic Surgery Journey With Fans

The hip-hop sensation, known for stirring things up on Twitter, updated her followers on her journey with plastic surgery. Despite backlash from some who were against it, The Blast shared that the award-winning artist remained unfazed and continued sharing her story. 

In a bold and unapologetic tweet, the 27-year-old revealed that she had recently undergone cosmetic surgery. Leaving very little to the imagination, she wrote, "got my titties done and my clit bedazzled."

She was then flooded with questions from her fans, who were curious about the details of her procedure. One person asked about her health, to which she responded, "Four days into recovery rn."

In another tweet, the Grammy Award winner revealed, "I got lipo, so my thighs hurt a lot if I move too much, but I'm healing fast." She received humorous responses from her followers like this one who asked the hitmaker, "How's the pain? Illuminati or Illuminati," to which she responded, "Nah, it's more Illuminati than Illuminati."

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