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Martha Stewart Reveals Her Secret To Looking Young For Thirst Traps!

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By MLC on April 10, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT

No bone broth is needed for Martha Stewart.

Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow’s extremely strict and limited bone broth and raw veggie diet, Stewart keeps her youthful glow and fit body thanks to a bevy of things.

The homemaking TV personality shared a perfect photo on Instagram this week.

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Martha Shares Thirst Trap Of Flawless Face!

In the photo, Stewart poses with puckered lips while showing off fresh blonde locks in a mirror selfie. She winked at the camera in another shot while her stylist played with her hair.

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She captioned the photos, “My flight to Chicago was canceled today. Chicago O’Hara was closed mid-morning to all flights because of terrible weather. I missed my speaking engagement at a huge gathering hosted by @beckershealthcare. This is the first time I had missed a contracted appearance in my career, and I felt disappointed. However, I used the newly found time to get a manicure, a pedicure by Luda, and a haircut by the maestro @johnbarrettnyc. The new do refreshing and lovely! Thanks, John!!!”

One flabbergasted follower commented, “What the f are you doing? How are you looking this amazing.”

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Martha Shares Her Secret To Looking Ageless At 81

Stewart liked the question and compliment because she responded, “Eating very well Pilates three x a week. Horseback rides at least once a week. No smoking. Little drinking Green juice Daily.”

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Oh, that’s the “simple” secret to looking THAT fantastic at 81.

Not everyone in her comments section was buying the lifestyle she was selling.

“She looks like she’s had a facelift and fillers. I met her when she had her first book, entertaining, at the San Francisco professional food society and Macy’s basement and San Francisco. She looks much different now,” one person pointed out.

Another wrote, “Girl, whatever lift you did on your eyes is a pretty darn good showing off those arched brows!”

“Now, she has good doctors ?,” this follower praised.

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Not All Of Her Fans Believe Her Lifestyle Method!

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One fan asked her to share her experience with plastic surgery.

“I wish you’d share your experience with plastic surgery. You were so beautiful before. You still are, but my opinion doesn’t matter. It’s how YOU feel and thinks about yourself,” they commented.

The Blast previously reported that Stewart promised her followers more thirst traps.

Earlier this month, Stewart teased fans about posting more sexy photos, noting that she was not surprised by the attention her previous photos received online.

Martha Stewart
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The cookbook author recently made a rare appearance with her granddaughter, Jude, at the “Life of Pi” Broadway premiere.

According to Page Six, Stewart divulged her plans to post more “thirst traps” in the coming months during the premiere of the Broadway play “Life of Pi.”

The 81-year-old entrepreneur has sparked a lot of online buzz over the years after sharing several photos that were sexy and obscene, including one in which she was only wearing an apron.

“You’ll see what’s coming,” she told the news outlet. “Good stuff!” 

So far… good stuff, Martha Stewart!

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