Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg on set

Martha Stewart Just Exhibited The ULTIMATE Friendship Goal!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on February 12, 2023 at 8:30 PM EST

Friendship is forever for Martha Stewart!

The entrepreneur raised eyebrows on Instagram Friday afternoon when she posted an interesting snap in tribute to her bestie Snoop Dogg!

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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg
Martha Stewart - Instagram
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Snoop and Stewart have been professional partners for years; they share a wine together and have starred in a reality show together. Their friendship has also made a splash in multiple commercials!

The 81-year-old has now taken her friendship with Snoop Dogg to another level beyond their products and media. Let's just say Stewart's new ode to her pal won't fade anytime soon!

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Let's Look Back At Snoop Dogg And Stewart's Friendship!

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards in Los Angeles

The Blast has covered several aspects of the duo's friendship over the years, including a deep dive into their enduring relationship!

Snoop and Stewart first met on the set of her talk show when Snoop appeared as a guest in the late aughts. Their friendship has endured for nearly two decades, and their friendship dynamic has strongly resonated with fans!

According to our report on the duo's friendship, the duo discussed their inability to go anywhere or do anything without any inquiry about the other. They chatted about their friendship on the first episode of Stewart's podcast.

"I said, you know, Snoop, when I go to a party, all people want to know is how is Snoop Dog? And he said, 'you know something, Martha? When I go to a party, everybody wants to know how's Martha?"

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Stewart also revealed how she was determined to have Snoop as a podcast guest; she really admires his "talkative" trait, and she "loves" her friend's voice.

She also enjoys watching her friend embrace all things having to do with cooking- she wrote the forward to Snoop's debut cookbook, "Crook To Cook: Platinum Recipes From Tha Boss Dog's Kitchen."

Stewart gushed about Snoop's cooking in an interview with "TODAY" at the time.

"I actually like watching him cook. He's so particular, it all finally comes together," she said.

Food has also played a pivotal role in their friendship. The duo reportedly bonded over mashed potatoes the first time they hung out together and also made a certain type of brownies on Stewart's show, which would be perfect for a party if you know what we mean!

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Snoop's love for his pal runs deep! He revealed the extent of his love in an interview the duo had previously done with TODAY.

"I love Martha, like I love her for real. Like, when I see her away from me I get jealous when I see other people with her. But then I have to understand she's Martha Stewart, so she has to give the world what they want."

Snoop Won't Ever Be Away From His Bestie Ever Again!

Sure, we all love our friends, but how many of us would get a replica of our bestie's face permanently inked on our bodies?!

Well, Stewart just has committed the ultimate act of friendship by allegedly getting Snoop's face tattooed on her arm, and she shared a still from the moment on her Instagram!

In a photo where she is laying in a chair with her Snoop tattoo visible to the camera, Stewart captioned it, "My Dogg! Thanks for the amazing tattoo, @scottcampbell. Forever linked to my favorite @snoopdogg."

Stewart's comment section lit up brighter than any Christmas tree ever featured in the pages of "Martha Stewart Living" over the years!

Model Christie Brinkley commented, "Oh Martha!!I LOVE that for you!!"

Podcaster Sarah Coleman commented "Oh my god"

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Photographer Douglas Friedman commented, "Loving This!" with several heart emojis.

"Grey's Anatomy" actress Ellen Pompeo sent her love; "Just when I thought I couldn't love you more!"

Not every single commentator was sold on the stunt! Many fans questioned whether it was a legitimate tattoo, or if it was just something cooked up for Superbowl Sunday this weekend!

"is this a new Super Bowl commercial?" one fan asked, with an inquisitive face emoji.

"Super Bowl ad?," another asked.

"Is this real bc if so I'm totally here for it," a fan wrote.

"is this fake news or real news? we need to know Martha," Meredith Land of "The Landline News" asked.

"I don't even care if this is fake," another fan weighed in. "I am LIVING for it!"

"what even is happening here?," another fan asked. "too many cbd chewies!"

"how you go from posting about growing your own saffron in your winter garden (because you have multiple types of gardens) to THIS- is genuinely thrilling," a Stewart follower commented.

"This is 1000% a Super Bowl commercial," a fan concluded.

Whether Stewart's new ink is just an aspect of a future classic Super Bowl commercial, her legendary friendship with Snoop Dogg and the friendship goals they have exhibited, are absolutely admirable!

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