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Bella Hadid Drops Health Update After Celebrating Sobriety Milestone

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 3, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT

Bella Hadid is fighting another health problem two weeks after celebrating five months of sobriety.

The model recently disclosed in a social media video that she developed a low-grade infection underneath a neighboring tooth after she underwent an emergency root canal procedure one year ago. She also shared details on her continued struggle with Lyme disease, the tick-borne illness she was initially diagnosed with, in 2012. 

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Bella Hadid Updates Fans On Tooth Infection & Lyme Disease Struggles In New Video

Hadid has opened up about her struggles with Lyme disease and tooth infection in a nearly three-minute-long clip posted to TikTok. The IMG model made the disclosure wearing a camisole and no makeup as she lay in a bed decorated with white sheets and pillows.

Talking softly, she narrated in the text overlay that making the video would be impossible if she was having a "flare up" or "not feeling safe/calm in my environment as I am with my mom & horses the past 4 weeks."

She stated that even though the swelling in her jaw had reduced, she would put up a snapshot to show what she looked like "on a normal basis when I'm flaring up." "You can only wonder why my face changes the way it doesn't and this is why. End of story," Hadid wrote before explaining:

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"That's why I hate looking in the mirror or taking pictures especially lately, truly wanting to throw up at the sight of myself constantly."

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Bella Hadid at The Golden Heart Awards 2022-NYC
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The 2016 Model of the Year then revealed that she was dealing with a "Lyme flare up, adrenal fatigue, infected tooth jaw and gut, chronic exhaustion., dehydration + fatigue, brain inflammation, and migraines."

Adding the proof of her skin "breaking out randomly" with her getting what "feels like lesions" at the bottom, the natural blonde noted that viewers would tell the difference between her being healthy and having Lyme flare up if they looked through her "work pictures from the past eight years."

The About You fashion collaborator added that she looked and felt like that picture on "most days" and apologized for "the way" she shot covers and campaigns while in that state for months.

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As for her Lyme disease, Hadid divulged that she had to be homeschooled and stopped riding horses due to trauma and brain fog, admitting that the only person who believed she was chronically ill was her mother, Yolanda, who was also diagnosed with Lyme in 2012.

After getting misdiagnosed with ADHD at 14 — and self-medicating at 15 — the British Fashion Awards nominee finally found help at the University of Nevada. The now-26-year-old continued highlighting her challenges, even apologizing to her body for the pins and needles used on it.

She wrapped up with an appreciation to viewers for watching the clip and getting to know "a little more about me that is a huge part of my everyday."

Within hours of posting the footage, the Industry Awards nominee's comment section was filled with fans about her health issues. Others thanked the "Ramy" star for opening up on the challenges, especially since she scared them with the topless photos she posted last year.

Last November, The Blast shared that the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" alum turned her back to the camera to show the bandages covering her mid to lower back area in the first slide. In the next photo, she is seen sporting a bruise on one of her legs, and a third was a snap that insinuated that she had deposited blood for unknown reasons.

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Fans Celebrate With The Super Model On Her Sobriety Milestone

Last month, The Blast reported that Hadid marked the milestone of staying away from alcohol for five months on social media. In a video shared via TikTok, she looked happy as a clam, twirling the camera — and her face — around what appeared to be a game arcade.

The "Baby Love" vixen's wavy, brown-dyed hair bounced along with her as she told fans, "5 months alcohol free," in the accompanying caption. With over a million likes — and counting — on the post, nearly 5k people were still moved to applaud the feat in the comments.

One person expressed their pride in the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for "quitting" the substance, and another commented, "I love the new wave of not needing alcohol." A third fan claimed that Hadid was "making being alcohol free glamorous," and a fourth quipped, "I heard Bella Hadid quit alcohol, so I drafted prohibition laws."

The runway queen’s decision to quit alcohol came after one of her brand’s medical advisors showed her the consequence of drinking on her brain through a scan.

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