Nudacris and Mr. Nimbus

Watch As Two Naked Dudes, Nudacris And Mr. Nimbus, Have a Playdate!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 29, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

Nudacris has met his match! The sassy naked cat recently met another equally as sassy naked cat and so the frenemy relationship began.

Nudacris' human, Lisa Holder, has three sphynx cats, so her daughter has been accustomed to having the breed around. When she moved out not too long ago, she decided to get her own sphynx and somehow ended up with a sweet baby cat that has a similar personality as TikTok famous Nudacris. His name is Mr. Nimbus.

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Nudacris And Mr. Nimbus Recently Had A Playdate

Holder shared some videos of the two cats' playdate on TikTok.

Look at Holder's kitchen chair! Cue the shock face right there. But in the video she tells the cats, "The chairs are already done. Y'all can have them. They're yours." She continued by saying, "Because I certainly won't sit in them, and I won't replace them because of Mr. Nudacris."

The two "friends" climbed the dining room chairs during a little game of chase and swat.

One follower asked if all sphynxes are like Nudacris. Holder replied, "All sphinxes are energetic and social cats. They're very friendly and intuitive. Nudacris is a little extra crazy I will say."

Another follower pointed out, "He has met his match in Nimbus."

A follow-up video shows the two buddies on the floor by the door taking turns swatting at each other.

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"I watch them constantly when they play because I don't trust Nudacris," she said. "And Nimbus is just a baby."

Despite being a big guy already, Nimbus is just a kitten. In the comment section, Holder reveals that Nimbus is only about 6 months old.

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Another Video Shows The Two Naked Frenemies Getting Acquainted With Each Other

Nudacris and Mr. Nimbus
Lisa Hampton Holder - TikTok

As one cat was on the tore up dining room chair, the other was on top of the table just swatting away. They both have so much energy that Holder was hoping maybe they would wear each other out while Nimbus was visiting for the day.

"Nudacris has finally found someone who speaks his love language: long drawn out battles," one follower hilariously pointed out.

Another follower asked if Nudacris and Nimbus are blood related and Holder replied, "No, Mr. Nimbus and Nudacris are not related, but Mr. Nimbus is the brother of Khaleesi Nude, my older cat."

Holder also shared a video of Nimbus messing with Khaleesi, who wanted no part of the kitten's tormenting fun.

As Nimbus tries to play with a relaxing Khaleesi, Holder says, "Nobody messes with her. Yeah, I know. She's not friendly, honey."

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"That's the same thing my husband tells people when they come to my house about me," one follower joked. Holder responded, "Best comment ever!!!"

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 Lisa Holder's Adorable Doormat Got Tons Of Attention

Many followers of the page left comments about the unique doormat with the cats pictures and names on it. In another video, Holder shows the adorable mat up close.

Lisa Hampton Holder's Door mat
Lisa Hampton Holder - TikTok
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Holder explained that she got the mat on Etsy, and that she also has a different mat outside the front door that says, "Please knock, the cats are naked."

Holder isn't only mom to Nudacris and Khaleesi but also to Boris Naked and the only furred cat in the home, Kitty Koture.

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