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Nudacris Gets A Post Shared By Ludacris, The Naked Kitty's Namesake!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on November 13, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST

Ludacris now knows Nudacris! 

Nudacris the sphynx has taken the “Number One Spot” in many TikTok viewers' hearts since his human Lisa Holder began sharing videos of the menacing naked cat. He’s also recently been noticed by the rapper he’s named after - Ludacris. When Holder talked to The Blast about her TikTok famous sphynx recently, she said she hopes that Ludacris one day sees Nudacris, and she finally got her wish. 

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Nudacris The Sphynx Lives Up To His Name!

The sassy, playful cat who lives up to his name 110 percent was named Nudacris because his human dad used to call him Nuda and his human mom is a fan of Ludacris. The name accidentally came to be and couldn’t be more perfect according to pretty much all of his TikTok followers. The spunky cat who’s always starting trouble with the other cats in the house knows how to “Act a Fool” and “Rollout” just like his namesake raps about.

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Ludacris Shared A Video Of Nudacris On His Instagram Page

Ludacris recently posted about the TikTok famous sphynx on his Instagram page captioning the post, “WTF! 😂😂😂 #nowthatsludicrous.” He shared a video from Holder’s TikTok page of Nudacris doing what he does best - causing a ruckus. More than 15,000 people liked the post in just one day’s time and many commented on the hilarity of the cat’s perfectly fitting name. 

Holder saw the post and dropped the comment, “Glad you like my baby Nudacris!! He lives up to his name!” One of Ludacris’ followers commented, “Nudacris something else 😂😂😂,” and another added, “You could say he was throwing them 'bows!😂😂” Another follower chimed in with, “Talk about Disturbing the peace lol.” 

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Nudacris, Boris, and Khaleesi
Lisa Holder - contributed photo

Nudacris Runs The Land

Nudacris is known to his TikTok followers as a fun-loving naked menace that runs the house of four cats. Well, at least he thinks he’s running the house. He’s certainly running, and making the other cats run too. He enjoys waking them up and disturbing them whenever he sees fit. One might imagine that he has the lyrics to Ludacris’ hit song, “Move B–ch” playing over and over in his brain as he terrorizing the land. “Oh no! The fight’s out. I’m ‘bout to punch your lights out!”

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Holder used the song  “Move B–ch” in a video showing Nudacris jumping on the household’s furred cat, Kitty Koture. Kitty doesn’t seem to enjoy the sneak attack and once free from Nudacris’ wrath, runs into the kitchen to flee the scene. One follower pointed out, “I feel like Nudacrist gives orange cat energy.“

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In a recent video that Holder shared, Nudacris just can’t let his sibling sleep. The video captioned, “Always trying to disturb somebody taking a nap!” shows just how playful this guy is. Viewers had some things to say about his hilarious behavior. “This cat is hungry for violence and honestly, I love it 🥰,” one follower wrote. Another said, “A complete menace!! Lol!”

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Sometimes Nudacris' Sweet Side Is Captured On Video

And while many videos Holder shares of Nudacris are of him being an energetic, crazy menace, she does sometimes capture his sweet and calm side on film as well. In one video, viewers get a close up of the odd-eyed sweetheart purring away. Many commented on his different colored eyes, his loud purring, and how sweet he can be.

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