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'Bachelor' Zach Shallcross Calls Kaity Biggar 'The Love Of My Life' In New Instagram Post!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 29, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT

Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar are engaged!

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Kaity Bigger and Zach Shallcross on The Bachelor
Instagram | Kaity Biggar
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That's right, Bachelor Nation, there's a new engaged couple in the franchise! Shallcross's season of "The Bachelor" concluded with a three-hour episode on Monday night, which ended with Shallcross popping the big and sparkly question to Biggar.

Last week, The Blast covered one of Biggar's recent Instagram posts. In the photo, Biggar's left hand is out of the camera's view; the 27-year-old bride-to-be's followers suspected she may have been hiding a big ol' rock!

Shallcross and Biggar's on-camera journey to the altar during the latter half of the season had been a bit rocky. During Shallcross' fantasy suite week, he had been intimate with Gabi Elnicki, after he had previously promised himself and the other women intimacy wouldn't be on the table.

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The duo have clearly moved on from any strife caused by Shallcross' confession- he has since addressed the matter-, and are on their way to wedded bliss!

Biggar's fiancé took to his Instagram to commemorate their engagement; Read on to find out more!

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Biggar Was Feeling Anything But Bliss From Shallcross' Fantasy Suite Revelation

Shallcross' decision not to have sex with Biggar, Elnicki, and his third place finalist Ariel Frenkel, was highly criticized.

Biggar and Elnicki were anything but pleased, and Frenkel allegedly had no idea about the drama during the following rose ceremony.

Biggar told her man she "could have honestly gone without hearing" he'd slept with her close pal. Elnicki was quite vocal in sharing her feelings. She expressed she had felt "blindsided" because Shallcross had reportedly told her he would keep their night between them. (via TODAY)

Bachelor Nation favorite Wells Adams later called Shallcross for his decision. According to our report, Adams expressed his disdain for Shallcross' choice on his Instagram stories.

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"...It's weird because [telling the women] is something that he doesn't need to do on camera," he said. "There's the moment when they close the door and the cameras go away, and he can be like, 'Hey, listen, I just don't want to have sex with anybody because I don't want to make things awkward," Adams continued. "No, it's awkward because you're telling everyone on camera! Okay?!"

Shallcross later took accountability for his actions. He would later explain himself to Us Weekly during the recent "Women Tell All" taping, according to The Blast's coverage.

"From what I could say is- a lot of things do change and going into that week, I thought I could basically set up, like, a guideline for myself and a guideline for others to try and make it less messy and it bit us in the a**," Shallcross told the outlet, per The Blast.

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Shallcross Was Later Bit By The 'Love Bug': He Celebrated His Engagement On Instagram!

While Shallcross had the chance to discuss these matters with Elnicki and Frenkel during Monday's "After The Final Rose" portion of the finale, he was undoubtedly feeling big blissful feelings!

The future Mr. and Mrs. Shallcross got to commemorate their engagement with a post-show interview with host Jesse Palmer, revealing they hope to walk down the aisle in 2025.

The groom-to-be posted a picture of his proposal on Instagram and called his fiancée "The love of my life" in the photo's caption!

Shallcross also wrote, "This woman right here deserves the world and I'm beyond thankful to have her in my life. I fall in love with you more and more each day," he continued, addressing Biggar, "I love you best friend," he concluded with a purple heart and dolphin emoji.

"I love you so much," his future missus commented. "So excited to do life with you baby!!"

Both Clayton Echard and Susie Evans from the previous 'Bachelor' season both sent their well wishes. Echard recently reminded Bachelor Nation to extend Shallcross some grace following fantasy suite week. (per The Blast)

Palmer commented, "So honored to have been a part of your journey! Love you guys!!!"

Bachelor Nation fan account @bachelorettewindmill commented, "i knew you were gonna choose her just from your reaction to her saying she was in love with you."

"My favorite Bach contestant and Bachelor," a fan told Shallcross. "You were intentional, honest, and always did what you thought was best [happy emoji] Love you & so happy for you and Kaity!"

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"I knew it'd be her from the second or third week," another follower wrote!

Several West Coast viewers blasted Shallcross for spoiling the couple's happy ending!

"okay spoiler," one wrote.

"Ugh dang it! Wanted to watch on Hulu tmr," another commented.

"Hulu users are so upset- congrats tho!," a follower exclaimed.

"crying in pacific time," another follower wrote.

Congratulations to Bachelor Nation's latest couple!

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