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These Two 'Love Is Blind' Alumna Are Bringing Their Friendship To A Certain Kind Of 'Pod!'

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 22, 2023 at 6:30 PM EDT

"Love Is Blind" fans have heard it all! Love is blind, love is blurry, and now love is chatty!

Just in time for the blockbuster Netflix reality series' fourth season, two central fan-favorite cast members from last year's second season are teaming up for a podcast!

The second season cast has experienced many-a-milestone since its spring 2022 premiere. From bombshell altar decisions to surprising divorces, many cast members have formed long-lasting friendships and enduring bonds that have become endearing components of the show's legacy.

Two ladies will soon bring their friendship behind the mic to honor the show that brought them together!

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Looking Back On Vempati And Lee's 'Love Is Blind' Relationships

Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / thepuppydoc

Season two brought us two of the most memorable couples in "Love Is Blind" history: Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen, and Deepti 'Deeps' Vempati and Abishek 'Shake' Chatterjee.

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Natalie Lee hugging Shayne Jansen
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These two couples have something in common: They're no longer together, but out of the heartbreak and sadness, an indestructible friendship between the two women rose from the ashes of the broken relationships!

Vempati and Chatterjee called it quits after Vempati said 'I don't' and chose herself at the altar. Her relationship with Chatterjee was plagued by insecurity, fueled by his many comments about her physical appearance; he later went on a podcast to reveal he "felt more like a man" because he could pick up his post-show girlfriend. He also memorably compared his sexual attraction to Vempati to being intimate with a family member.

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Lee and Jansen endured multiple issues in their relationship on-screen. Lee felt Jansen was still attracted to his 'pod' date, Shania Hurley, even after proposing to Lee. Jansen's alcohol use remained a sour spot in their relationship; the duo allegedly fought on the night before their wedding, in which his drinking played a strong role.

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Forget Broken Hearts And Cheating Allegations: 'Love Is Blind' Alumna Bring Their Friendship To A Podcast!

Vempati and Lee are long past their "Love Is Blind" era heartbreaks: Vempati carried on a short romance with Hurley's ex-fiancé Kyle Abrams before they quietly called it quits, and Lee and Jansen are no longer on speaking terms. Jansen most recently appeared on Netflix's new reality series, "Perfect Match."

The duo is diving further into their friendship era by launching a podcast together!

On Wednesday, both ladies announced the "Out of the Pods" podcast on their respective Instagram accounts! The duo starred in an Instagram reel announcement, which starts with flashback clips of their respective weddings, followed by the duo clinking the show's signature wine goblets, which soon switch to microphones!

The reel also promises an uncensored spin on "Love Is Blind,"  undoubtedly including recaps of season four episodes. "Out of the Pods" will focus on recapping the series.

The fourth season of "Love Is Blind" will be released on the platform on Friday, March 24th! The fourth season cast is predicted to be spicy; according to our recent report, the new crop of hopeful spouses ranges from self-proclaimed "bratty and emotional" singles to teeth-flossing aficionados!

"Out of the Pods" also has its own Instagram account.

The podcast will launch on March 27th, and will be available on all podcast platforms!

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