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Bachelor Nation Applauds Gabi Elnicki For Her Vulnerability On Instagram

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By Taylor Hodgkins on March 22, 2023 at 5:00 AM EDT

Fantasy suite week of the current 'Bachelor' season was difficult for Gabi Elnicki.


The 25-year-old is now one of Zach Shallcross's top two contestants, but her journey to her last pre-finale rose was difficult. Unresolved feelings over her past relationship and the fear of 'coming up second' in her 'Bachelor' boyfriend's heart loomed over the duo's Thailand vacation. She would also tearfully recall to Shallcross she had been cheated on in a past relationship.

The rest of Shallcross' fantasy suite week would be overshadowed by his decision to tell his leading ladies he had broken his 'no sex' rule; He had been unable to keep his self-imposed rule during his night with Elnicki.

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Unfortunately, Elnicki was less than thrilled by Shallcross' decision to share the intimate details of their night together with Ariel Frenkel and Kaity Biggar.

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Elnicki 'Didn't Realize' Shallcross Was 'So Bothered' By Their Decision To Be Intimate During Fantasy Suites

In last night's episode, Shallcross pays a visit to Elnicki in her hotel room, where he not only reveals he is falling for her but also tells her he intends to tell the other women about being intimate.

Elnicki looks surprised and responds, "I didn't realize you were so bothered."

"I just... took it as you know, between us, and that's just where it was," she tells Shallcross of their night together.

Elnicki then says in her confessional she felt "a little bit blindsided" by their conversation. "Because everything that's meant to be like, private, and between us, is now like, not any longer."

She goes on to tell the camera how she "felt like [her] trust was broken, because I felt like it was between us, now it's between us plus everyone else."

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Shallcross then reassures her he does not want to have anything get in the way of his falling in love, and he had to tell her what was going on as soon as he possibly could.

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Fans Flooded Elnicki's Instagram Comments After The Episode Aired

Elnicki's followers soon flocked to her latest Instagram photo to express their adoration for Elnicki's actions in last night's episode.

However, not every single follower was receptive of the couple's decision to break his 'no-sex' rule consensually.

According to Us Weekly, Elnicki owned up to a follower's comment, pointing out she had been deleting comments on the photo.

"Yes, I am," Elnicki responded to the comment. "Because I don't need negativity and hate on my page. It's so unnecessary and unkind. There is NO reason to put others down, get off my page if you don't like me," she concluded.

The gratitude and appreciation for Elnicki seemingly outweighed any negativity in the photo's comments.

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"Gabi I'm sorry he did you that way," a follower commented on the photo. "it should've been a private matter I would have rather seen your skincare routine," they said. Elnicki had stated in Monday's episode she was excited for Shallcross to see her skincare routine during their night together.

"You are so beautiful and raw and real and relatable," a follower told Elnicki. "All your feelings are justified. I was so mad for you at the end of the episode.... You deserve better. You deserve to be picked first. How could he not give you the first rose? And then hardly make eye contact with you. That was all so ridiculous of him."

"You've been so open and genuine all season," a fan wrote. "I will say: 1. The lead should not have announced his 'pledge' to everyone... 2. The lead should have kept intimate details private, and privately told the final pick later on. Wish you the very best!"

"You've stayed so true to yourself," another fan told Elnicki. "You wear your heart on your sleeve and I love that about you! Being on the bachelor is not easy and you have navigated it so well. Keep being you! [heart emoji]"

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"I don't understand why everyone is blaming her, and not zach" a follower wrote. "it was a CONSENSUAL decision that they made together... they're both grown- capable of making their own decisions- so I don't understand why everyone is acting like zach is the helpless guy that was seduced and manipulated when he clearly wasn't. stop painting him as a victim when it's something they both wanted," they concluded.

"It's 2023, not 1823. A woman considering marrying someone should know if they are compatible in the bedroom. Anyone shaming Gabi is just looking for attention," another follower wrote.

Gabi Elnicki and Zach Shallcross' fate will be discovered next week, in a three-hour season finale! The finale airs on March 27th.

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