Rachel Recchia Defends Zach Shallcross After Greer Blitzer Controversy

Rachel Recchia Defends Zach Shallcross After Greer Blitzer Controversy

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on February 24, 2023 at 3:00 PM EST

Zach Shallcross has found himself in some controversy after "The Bachelor" fans watched how he handled a conversation with one of the women fighting for his heart -- Greer Blitzer.

Now, Shallcros's ex and former "Bachelorette" lead Rachel Recchia is speaking out, defending Shallcross.

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Raceh Recchia Stands Up For Zach Shallcross

Rachel Recchia Defends Zach Shallcross After Greer Blitzer Controversy
Instagram | The Bachelorette

Zach Shallcross dated former "Bachelorette" lead Rachel Recchia, though, he had his heart broken after his fantasy suite date. The franchise went on to announce that Shallcross would be the next “Bachelor" and his season has begun -- with nothing short of drama. The most recent incident was that he tested positive for COVID-19 during filming, resulting in him conducting the cocktail party and rose ceremony virtually.

During Greer Blitzer's one-on-one time, she asked how he was feeling via Zoom on an iPad before proceeding to try and relate to his situation as she explained she contracted COVID-19 at the end of a quarter, resulting in her falling behind and missing out on things.

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Shallcross did not appreciate the comparison, and obviously was taken back by her words, calling her out and going as far as saying “I think me missing out on finding a wife is slightly more important than your little sales problems.”

Bachelor Nation slammed Shallcross after the episode aired, but, Shallcross's ex, Rachel Recchia, is standing up for the "Bachelor" lead.

"let’s all be mindful and extend a little bit of compassion and grace towards the leads of the show 🤍," Recchia Tweeted in regards to the controversy surrounding Shallcross.

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Shallcross's name is being dragged through the mud after the episode aired on television, with many saying he "minimized" Blitzer and his "true colors" are showing.

Although the conversation between Greer Blitzer and Zach Shallcross did not end on a good note, and Blitzer thought she would be sent home, Shallcross did give her a rose at the ceremony, keeping her around for at least one more week.

Zach Shallcross has yet to comment on the episode or the controversy.

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Zach Shallcross Says Fans Will See A New Side Of Him

Greer Blizter and Zach Shallcross Bachelor
Instagram | Greer Blitzer

Prior to the season airing, the "Bachelor" lead spoke out, telling Bachelor Nation that they have a lot to look forward to.

“Fans are going to see my full personality because I wear it on my sleeve,” Shallcross said. “With last season, that necessarily wasn’t the case. I think I’m going to surprise some people with who I am.”

Additionally, he was asked how he felt he handled this season, which is where the 26-year-old admitted “there was a few instances where I think everyone could have handled something better,” however, he feels he handled “everything the way that felt right.”

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Shallcross could have been hinting at the conversation with Greer Blitzer which has caused backlash, however, the "Bachelor" lead has yet to speak out on this situation specifically. Regardless, prior to the season airing, Shallcross did admit to making mistakes.

“The Bachelor” continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The episodes are available to stream the following day on Hulu.

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