Rita Ora covers up for Vanity Fair, Instagram relieved.

Rita Ora Covers Up After Getting Slammed For Emaciated Bra Pics?

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By Rima Pundir on March 19, 2023 at 9:00 PM EDT

Rita Ora is finally wearing some clothes, and this is Instagram speaking, not us. After receiving a lot of flak for looking too thin and emaciated, Ora seemingly wore a full gown for the 2023 Oscars party, with her and Taika Waititi giving off bride-and-groom vibes.

That said, body shaming is an awful part of social media. So here's to Rita Ora, who looks stunning, no matter what.

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Rita Ora Glows With 'Groom' Taika Waititi At 2023 Oscars

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi gove off bride and groom vibes

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, who secretly tied the knot and announced the news earlier this year, made a rather bride-and-groom entry at the 2023 Oscars party, with Ora dressed in a stunning strapless white gown with a high slit on the leg, and Waititi looking rather dashing in a black tux.

The 32-year-old looked visibly svelte and her new regime has not only earned her a toned belly but plenty of rave compliments from fans, including a heart from Katy Perry.

Comments flowed in for the dressy look:

"you were the main character with this dress rita?❤️absolutely gorgeous."

"Looking like absolute royalty."

Others loved the way the couple looked like they were posing for their wedding pics!

"omg giving bride and husband."

"wedding vibes."

"She’s beautiful in these shots with her husband."

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That said, not everyone was a fan of her newly thinned-out body, although many appreciated the discreet skin shown, unlike this post from about a month ago where she decided that a feather-covered sheer wrap, was dress enough for her.

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Instagram Relieved To See Rita Ora Covering Up!

Rita Ora shows off underboobs on Instagram
Instagram | Rita Ora

Not all of her posts earn her compliments, and her dress or the apparent lack of it got the trolls going.

"Oops were you in a rush and forget to get dressed?"

"Aren’t you cold? Why do you always have to be half-naked in any photo?"

There were plenty of snarky comments on the underboob-baring "knit situation" post as well.

"Did you get dressed in the dark by any chance?"

"Thank goodness you have those gloves to keep you warm."

"I mean this as the highest compliment: you dress like my imaginary friend circa 2001."

Her white dress at the Oscar party seemingly made many on Instagram relieved, who decided to passive-aggressive body shame her for her recent choice of outfits!

"This is such a beautiful look, so much nicer than having everything almost on display. Let the imagination work a bit!"

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"Finally! beautiful as a princess. this is a look that speaks volumes for you, you look beautiful and dignified at the same time."

Others still went after her thin bod!

"Why so tiny? You had the best body before. This is too much."

"It’s giving she’s hungry and needs arroz con gandules y chuletas."

No pleasing everyone, it seems so lets just look at her fitness routine, instead!

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Why Did She Delete The Instagram Bra Pics Post?

Rita Ora deleted a post showing her in a white bra
Instagram | Rita Ora

Despite the fact that she's one stunning woman, Rita Ora deleted a post with pics of her dressed in textured pants and a white bra, which let a hint of a nipple through the lace as well. Apparently, as soon as she put the post up, it earned her a backlash over her 'emaciated' body.

Ora, whose tight abs and toned belly have earned her plenty of praise did not seem to win any favors from Instagram this time, more's the pity.

Her caption for the post read, "Midweek mayhem - ?- oh and I golfed – kinda." In the last of the pics, the singer could be seen attempting to take a swing at a golf ball but missing.

The comments on the post seemed rather mean, with many asking her to go eat something. Others felt her "heroin chic thinness" was sending the wrong message to young girls, although there were some fans who felt her body definitely rocked and looked strong.

Either way, for reasons known best to her, Ora took down the post, so fans have to be happy with this, instead!

The woman is an absolute beauty and we say more power to you, Rita Ora!

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