The 2023 Oscars left a sour taste in the mouth of some audience.

fans expressed their displeasure after Angela Bassett lost the Best Supporting Actress Award to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis made history in her family after being the first star to win an academy award.

Ecstatic about her win, she gave a heartfelt acceptance speech where she thanked her team and parents.

Displeased that Bassett didn't take home the trophy, fans immediately took to Twitter to rant.

A supporter of the "Black Panther" actress noted that the star was hurt about the outcome.

Another declared that the Oscars was celebrating "white mediocrity," and that Curtis didn't earn the award.

Others insisted that Bassett was the rightful person to receive the accolade.

Meanwhile, Basset previously expressed how she felt about not getting recognized at the 1994 Oscars.