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Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes May Be Richer & More Famous Co-Hosting New Daytime Show

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By MLC on March 15, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are proving they’re better together.

The former “GMA3” co-hosts are reportedly pitching a new "up close and personal" talk show to CBS, NBC, and CNN. They will co-host it together.

They been taking meetings in Los Angeles.

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Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Gearing Up For TV Show Together

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes giving the thumbs up
Instagram / Amy Robach

The Blast recently reported they’ve contacted several industry giants with hopes that their “on-air talent” and “off-air chemistry” will act as a point of attraction to help sell the show.

Well, it seems like that may actually come to fruition.

According to industry insider and Human Resources professional, Jason Greer, the couple could produce “ratings gold.”

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Their On-Screen Talent & Off-Screen Chemistry Is "Ratings Gold!"

The higher the ratings, the more money in your pockets.

Greer told The U.S. Sun, "I would have a lot of training with both Amy and TJ about respectful behavior in the workplace. Even though we're talking about chemistry, there are millions of dollars that have been put into your show, and into the salaries of the people who support your show. So, it's really important that we don't make them feel uncomfortable."

He further explained the programs that would need to be put in place to protect not only the co-hosts, but everyone else working to make the operation run smoothly.

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Amy Robach smiling with T.J. Holmes
Instagram / Amy Robach
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"Often it comes down to: What are we going to do to make sure that we have a plan in case everything breaks down between the two in terms of their relationship,” Greer added.

He explained the allure of a ratings boom could entice executives to want to navigate HR hurdles.

Greer concluded, "They would be ratings gold- that's the alluring part about it all. I'm going to watch!"

Another TV executive told the Daily Mail, "Think about it. You have a show with two attractive hosts that does pretty well and then boom - the sexy romantic drama of the decade unfolds with your two stars. Who wouldn't want to watch them interact every day – see those sparks fly?"

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Robach & Holmes Make Their First Public Appearance As A Couple

The couple made their first public debut at Howard Bragman’s funeral last month.

They’re both still married to their estranged partners, but have put the wheels in motion for a divorce.

Robach is still married to actor Andrew Shue and she filed for divorce in August.

Holmes is still married to Marilee Fiebig and filed for divorce in December.

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes Going Full Steam Ahead With Romance
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Fiebig released a statement via her divorce attorney, Stephanie Lehman, on Wednesday, January 4th.

The statement was exclusively obtained by Daily Mail and states, “During the holiday season and in light of the challenging times, Marilee’s sole focus has remained on the overall best interest of her 9-year-old daughter [Sabine].”

Lehman emphasized that her client, Fiebig, is focused on her daughter and making the divorce process as amicable as possible.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Scandal
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Lehman, Fiebig, Holmes and his legal counsel have been working to “move the divorce forward privately, expeditiously and as amicably as possible.”

“Notwithstanding, we continue to be disappointed by T.J.’s lack of discretion, respect and sensitivity toward Marilee and the party’s daughter,” Fiebig’s divorce attorney added.

Holmes’ estranged wife has “been touched by the outpouring of support” since the scandal first made headlines in November 2022 and “looks forward to a new beginning in this new year.”

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