Howie Mandel and Howie the Crab

Howie Mandel Is A Fan Of Howie The Crab: 'What An Honor To Have A Crab Named After You'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on March 12, 2023 at 7:00 PM EDT

Howie meets Howie. What a moment on TikTok!

Howie Mandel and Howie the crab's paths crossed on TikTok and Mandel is a fan! The popular rainbow crab, who's actually named after the comedian, has won the heart of Mandel who dueted a video with the crab while expressing his love for the hat-wearing pet.

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Howie Mandel Is A Fan Of Howie The Crab!

Howie Mandel and Howie the crab on TikTok
Howie Mandel - TikTok

Howie the crab has a fan in Mandel! In a recent TikTok duet, Mandel watches the rainbow crab enjoying some meatloaf while responding to Howie's mom's commentary.

Howie the crab signs "food" as her mom is about to feed her some meatloaf and says, "It's meatloaf night! Yeah! Here, let's get some. Yup, you're gonna eat." Mandel then said, "Look how smart Howie is."

As the sweet crab grabs the meatloaf and begins to chow down, she squeaks in happiness. "What an honor to have a crab named after you," Mandel said. Then Howie's mom shows everyone how the crab high fives her.

Mandel smiles the entire video, so it's safe to say he's a big fan of the little rainbow crab that had the internet worried when she had trouble molting back in early December.

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Howie the crab
Howie the Crab - TikTok
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Howie's mom dropped into the comment section of the TikTok duet and wrote, "I'm positively giddy! Thanks original Howie!!! ?," to which Mandel responded, "Right back at you. I’m honored. I’m a fan."

One of Mandel's followers jokingly commented, "???? yaaaaaay!! Howie meets Howie! Do you molt as well? ?," and another added, "This is the stitch I never knew I needed ?."

Howie's mom's repost of the TikTok duet had lots of fun comments, too. "This is the best because every time I see howie ? I think of Maurice from little monsters because she’s blue. Is that what she’s named after?! Lol," one person asked. Howie's mom responded, "The cartoon dad in Bobby's World (Howie as himself)."

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Another follower asked, "No way!!! That’s so cool. I’m sorry, was Howie named after Howie Mandel?," and Howie's mom simply answered, "yep."

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Watch Howie The Crab Communicate With Sign Language And Give High Fives!

Howie the Crab
Howie the Crab - TikTok

In the video that Mandel dueted, viewers get the chance to see the little crab use sign language to tell her mom that she's hungry. She also high fives her mom while eating. This crab is super smart!

The video is captioned, "Meatloaf night! Watch Howie use ASL and sign food in the beginning, then squeak because she's happy, and lastly give me two high fives! Before you ask why she didn't do happy mouth, she's been eating my meatloaf since 2016 and it's not special to her."

One follower couldn't believe that a crab could learn sign language. "You did not teach a crab sign language ?," they wrote. Howie's mom replied, "I sure did!" Another follower jokingly wrote, "Wow and I’m over here still trying to get my teenagers to respond to verbal commands ???."

Howie The Crab Had A Tough Molt In December

Howie the Crab
Howie the Crab - TikTok

The popular TikTok crab had a lot of people concerned back in December when she was struggling to molt. Without molting, the sweet crab would have died, so the concern was justified. People tuned into Howie's TikTok page daily in the hopes of getting a positive update, and then finally around day 30 of trying to molt, she was able to molt. The moment was so exciting that her mom went live on TikTok for all to see.

Now that those tough days are behind her, she's once again wearing hats, pinching kitties, and eating yummy food like normal, and her fans couldn't be happier.

"I simply adore Howie and your videos. They make me smile. Xx," one fan said. Another added, "Makes my day literally!! ? ?"

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