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Lala Kent Gushes Over Daughter Ocean's Singing Voice: 'Next Mariah Carey'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 9, 2023 at 6:15 PM EST

Lala Kent, born Lauren Elyse Burningham, takes pride in being a mother to her adorable daughter Ocean Kent Emmett whom she shares with her ex Randall Emmett.

As baby Ocean grows rapidly, much to the amazement of Lala, the American reality star never fails to show the world how talented her little one is, once in the animal department and now in music!

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Lala Kent Records Baby Ocean Flaunting Singing Skills With 'Rock-a-bye Baby   

Lala is constantly prepared when it comes to creating content with her little daughter, who has been the major source of her joy ever since her birth last year.

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Lala Kent and daughter Ocean at the Summer Spectacular Benefiting the Brent Shapiro Foundation - Beverly Hills
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Most recently, she took to her Instagram Story to let her followers know of Ocean's latest musical talent which she compared to the legendary Mariah Carey.

In the uploaded video, the duo was filmed in a car the doting mother was driving, with Ocean's face not showing. The "Trauma Center" actress could be heard urging the tot to start over and sing the popular children's rhyme "Rock-a-bye Baby," which she did with glee.

Ocean seemed to show remarkable potential even though she missed a few notes. Still, in the end, her mama expressed love for her singing prowess.

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Affirming the youngster's ability to become a future legend, the TV personality wrote in the post, "She will be the next Mariah Carey. Mark my word."  While this may be the first time Lala would showcase her daughter's musical potential, she has once shared how good the little one is with learning animal sounds.

Previously, the Hollywood star dropped a lovely clip on social media of herself and Ocean clad in pajamas and under the weather, but still having fun with learning.

She asked her child in the video, "What does a lamb say?" Ocean replied, "Baaaa." Lala then asked, "What does a cow say?" "Mooo," the intelligent kid answered, moving her head back and forth. Keeping up with the drill, the 32-year-old celeb asked, "What does a horse say?" and Ocean responded, "Nayyy."

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Such excellence was delightful as Lala sang the little girl's praises, saying, "Good job. You're so smart." And in the caption, she penned, "We were sick all weekend, but got this content…& I can't even." Her numerous followers, including celebrities, also shared a similar opinion as they lauded Ocean in the comments.

E! News journalist Erin Lim wrote, "I love her SM!!!! – great job, mama." while Lala's "Vanderpump Rules" co-star Kristen Doute exclaimed, "genius baby – i can't with this!! Love you, O!!" 

Similarly, comedian Heather McDonald called Ocean "so smart," whereas another admirer expressed, "Not only a little beauty but a Smarty – ugh, these moments are so precious!"

Lala is no doubt enjoying life with her mini-me even after breaking up with Randall nearly two years ago after he was caught being unfaithful with other women in Nashville. Last October, she marked her first year of getting out of her "toxic and unsafe" relationship by taking to social media with a candid note about her traumatic experience.

"Happy Independence Day to me," the "The Row" actress proclaimed. "A year ago today, I had my ducks in a row, and it was time to execute my game plan of escaping a toxic and unsafe place."

She added that even writing the message, she felt anxious and admitted to not knowing what her future held. However, she knew her daughter needed her, and that was all that mattered. 

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The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Plans On Undergoing Intrauterine Insemination For A Second Baby

Late last year, Lala revealed she was ready to have a second child by any means possible, which she told Scheana Shay on the "Scheananigans" podcast. As The Blast reported, she mentioned her intentions to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI), causing her to seek a sperm donor instead of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The Utah native chose the former because it is less messy and has no strings attached as the sperm is injected directly into her uterus.

Lala Kent arrives with her daughter Ocean to Stassie Schroeder's daughter's 1st birthday
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She said, "So because I'm pretty good to go, I could just do the insemination process." Despite her choice, she may still get into a serious relationship, but not anytime soon as she basks in her motherhood journey.

Lala's past with her ex made her realize there was "a high chance of it not working out," and she was not taking chances given her scarring experience.

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