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Chet Hanks Laments Walking In Dad Tom Hanks' Shadow In Jamaican Accent: 'Trips Me Out'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST

Chet Hanks continues to raise eyebrows with his Jamaican patois!

Unlike his famous parents, Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, few are familiar with the couple's oldest son. Although his stint as an entertainer has garnered the 32-year-old a significant fanbase, he has frequently come under fire for cultural appropriation.

Despite being an American, hailing from Los Angeles, the tattooed rapper enjoyed turning heads with his Jamaican accent. Now, the father-of-one is back flexing his reggae vibes in a new video dedicated to trolls. Kip reading fi more, man!

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Chet Hanks Is Tired Of Being Compared To His Famous Father

Tom Hanks son Chet Hanks is seen first time since his parents reportedly sent him to a wilderness camp for addiction

Being the son of a G.O.A.T. in the entertainment industry is not as easy as one might believe. Just ask Chet, whose every move seemingly gets compared to that of the "Forrest Gump" star.

In a recent Instagram update, the Los Angeles native called out people for undermining his efforts and attributing his success to his father's influence.

While rocking a black hoodie with a matching baseball cap, the younger Hanks filmed himself as he drove to an undisclosed location. "You know what, it's really crazy, man," Chet began. "I bought the Lambo; they said my dad bought it for me. I almost get in a fight with a bum at IHOP, and they say I staged it," the rapper lamented.

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"It's like I could come up with a cure for cancer tomorrow, and they'll just say that I only did it because of my dad," the entertainer continued, noting that he has been living in his father's shadow for a long time.

"I've been dealing with this sh*t my whole life, but you know, the way I've learned to deal with this frustration is to just, you know, light some sage, meditate, journal, go for a walk, you know, take a deep breath in," Chet said before inhaling deeply and letting it out.

"Just be at peace," the 32-year-old advised fans, nearly fooling us with his spiritual jargon. The "Shameless" actor was far from being the nice guy as he screamed "sike" before launching into a thick Jamaican patois, cursing trolls with various profanities.

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Fans had mixed reactions to the video, which was captioned "Sh*t trips me out… thank God I've found peace." Most people expressed their love for the clip, which several fans found hilarious, while others advised Chet to ignore the haters and focus on himself.

"Shabba Hanx is BACKKKKKK," an admirer gushed in the comment section, while another wrote, "Lol… Your inner Jamaican coming out. Nuff respect."

"I almost crashed on the freeway watching this sh*t," fellow artist McKinley Ave penned. Meanwhile, a brave fellow called out the younger Hanks on the truth behind his success.

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"You have to realize that the only reason anyone knows who you are is from your dad," the individual explained. "You have got an advantage in life because who your dad is. Embrace that. Doesn't mean you're not putting in work. Just means people are jealous over something you can't control."

Although Chet wished to be known as someone other than Tom Hanks' son, the aspiring rapper cannot change the fact that his popularity started from his father's success. Nonetheless, being the child of a renowned celebrity had its fair share of good and bad.

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Chet Hanks Claimed He Suffered Insecurities Growing Up As Tom Hanks' Son

Last year, the "Empire" actor opened up about his life as the son of a living entertainment legend. While many believed his childhood was filled with roses, Chet refuted these assumptions on his YouTube channel, "Hanx Fit."

During an emotional episode, the "White and Purple" artist admitted that growing up with famous parents allowed him to enjoy several privileges, including flying on private planes and traveling worldwide. However, his family's success weighed heavily on him.

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The Los Angeles native felt that as the child of celebrities, he had not done anything to deserve the privileges he enjoyed. To fill this void, he sought validation through fame and became angry and hostile about his insecurities.

The situation worsened because people disapproved of the younger Hanks, believing he was a "spoiled, entitled brat." Because of the perception others had about him, Chet found it hard to relate with people as he could not trust their intentions. 

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