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Nicola Peltz Wants A Re-Do Wedding To Brooklyn Beckham After 'Nightmare' First Nuptials

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By Favour Adegoke on March 1, 2023 at 1:30 AM EST

Nicola Peltz is allegedly making plans to walk down the aisle again with her husband, Brooklyn Beckham.

Reports noted that the daughter of billionaire parents Nelson Peltz and model Claudia feels that the first wedding was a "nightmare" and was "stressful from start to finish."

Issues during the buildup, which her mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, reportedly had a hand in, have also made Nicola push for a second wedding.

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'The Whole Thing Was A Nightmare'

Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz at Second Annual Academy Museum Gala

According to a report by Closer Online, Nicola is reportedly pushing for a second wedding to Brooklyn after their first troubled one in April 2022.

The pair, who tied the knot in Palm Beach at the time, have seen the past few months of their lives overshadowed by the family drama that began during the planning of their first wedding.

A source revealed to the news outlet that the newly married wife "looks back on the day as stressful from start to finish," further describing that "the whole thing was a nightmare."

The insider added," She was far from completely happy with the wedding, the buildup with the three different planners, and associates it now with rows, issues, and tension."

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The source also alleged that she has let her feelings known to her husband, discussing with him how "it still has an impact on their relationship." The report also said that Peltz complained that the wedding pictures "reminds her of all the drama, with them both looking so tense."

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All The Drama Between Nicola Peltz And Victoria Beckham 

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at The Fashion Awards 2018

Part of the alleged drama includes Nicola declining to wear an outfit designed by her mother-in-law, Victoria Beckham, for the wedding. The 28-year-old later refuted the allegation, stating that the fashion entrepreneur "couldn't make the dress."

Victoria also reportedly chose the same song as the couple for her mother-and-son dance, which many deemed as an act to sabotage the day. Nicola was said to have "stormed out" in tears after musician Marc Anthony praised Victoria during an impromptu speech at the wedding.

After the wedding, Brooklyn and Nicola decided to spend the summer vacation with her parents, Miami real estate magnate Nelson, and model Claudia. They also joined them for the Christmas holiday rather than spend it with the Beckham family.

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However, they made it to Paris Fashion Week last month to show solidarity with Victoria at her runway show.

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The Second Wedding

Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz

As regards the proposed new wedding, it was reported that Victoria has taken to the idea as the previous one was also "a little tainted for her," although she would "cherish it forever."

The Spice Girls alum also sees it as an opportunity to clean the slate and start afresh with her daughter-in-law.

The source said, "The idea of doing it all again is appealing to her as well. The feud wouldn't be erased overnight with just another wedding, of course, but it could be a great way to mark a fresh start between them all."

As for Nicola, she reportedly has a lot of ideas about how she wants her second wedding to look when the D-day comes.

"She wants their second wedding to be super cool, very modern, and very different from the first, so there are a few ideas floating around. Nicola just wants a really positive, happy day to represent what she and Brooklyn are all about – rather than the tension and stress attached to the first one," added the source for Closer Online.

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Nicola Peltz's Father Embroiled In Lawsuit With Wedding Planners

Nicola Peltz Beckham shares cryptic message on Instagram
Instagram/Nicola Peltz Beckham

In the meantime, Nicola's father has filed a lawsuit against wedding planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba to get back his £132,000 deposit for his daughter's first nuptial, per Daily Mail.

The 80-year-old reportedly fired the pair weeks before the wedding due to alleged "mistakes."

Ms. Braghin and Ms. Grijalba subsequently filed a countersuit against Nelson, whom they called a "bully billionaire," for breach of contract and "interference" with a business deal.

They had taken over from renowned wedding planner Preston Bailey but were reportedly faced with a chaotic situation, such as multiple guest lists and the alleged unavailability of the bride when she was needed.

The Plan Design Events firm co-founders submitted, in their filling, hundreds of WhatsApp chat messages, texts, and emails to back up their claims.

Also, they are suing bride Nicola, her mother Claudia, and wedding planner Rishi Patel for at least £41,000 in damages and maybe hundreds of thousands more in fees.

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