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Brooklyn Beckham Dedicates Yet Another Dramatic Tattoo To Wife Nicola Peltz

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on February 23, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST

Want to prove your love is permanent? Get tattoos like Brooklyn Beckham!

Since his marriage to Nicola Peltz, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham frequently makes headlines for his over-the-top romantic gestures. While words are sweet, the 23-year-old prefers using his body as a medium to express his affections.

Although the aspiring chef is no stranger to inked works, the Westminster native continues to prove his heart beats only for his partner by adorning his body with art dedicated to the actress. Keep scrolling to see the latest addition to his ever-growing gallery!

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Brooklyn Beckham Says He Is Addicted As He Unveils Another Nicola Peltz Tattoo

Engraving your body with tributes to a loved one is not as easy as it seems, especially given the painful procedure to get rid of the ink. However, Beckham shows zero resistance in covering his flesh with dedications to his wife.

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The "What I See" author recently debuted a new tattoo inspired by Peltz, showing off the body art during his appearance on E! News "The Rundown" show. A clip of the interview showed the media personality seated beside the show's host Erin Lim Rhodes on a table covered in treats.

The pair played a "toast or roast" game, where Rhodes asked questions to which Beckham would either toast or roast his responses. When the host inquired if getting a tattoo in honor of one's partner within the first month of dating was cool, the doting husband happily said, "toast."

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Regarding when he started paying tribute to the "Bates Motel" actress with his body, the former photographer confessed that it was "pretty soon" after they started dating. Looking at his toned body, the 23-year-old noted that he was "half-covered" in designs for Peltz.

When Rhodes teased the "Cookin' With Brooklyn" star for having at least 70 tattoos in honor of his wife, the Westminster heartthrob clarified the misunderstanding. Although he did not know how many inked works were dedicated to the actress, the rising chef said: "I have like over 20 though dedicated to her" before revealing he got a new one.

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Curious to see his latest tribute, the host asked if Beckham was comfortable unveiling the art on the show, and the 23-year-old responded by rolling up the sleeve of his white T-shirt to debut his wife's portrait on his upper arm.

The black artwork captured the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" actress looking over her shoulder, a picture Rhodes noted was "gorgeous." This design may not be the entertainer's last, given his unique feelings about tattoos.

Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz at Second Annual Academy Museum Gala
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"They're very addictive," the former Huawei brand ambassador confessed, "especially when you love someone you just want to cover everywhere."

Immortalizing his love for Peltz this way may seem extreme to some. However, the smitten husband enjoys it. This isn't his first rodeo of getting a massive inking in honor of his wife. Per The Blast, Beckham decorated his arm with his wedding vows in May 2022.

Written in black cursive ink, the first few lines of the lengthy message described how starstruck the groom was to see his bride at their nuptials. The media personality noted that Peltz took his breath away when she walked down the aisle at their Palm Beach ceremony.

The vows expressed the Westminster native's love for the Billionaire heiress and his longing for their future together. A part of the poetic piece read, "Just looking at you, I see my future, and it feels like a dream. You are my world, and I continue to fall more in love with you every single day."

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The Lovebirds Celebrated Their First Valentine's As A Married Couple

This year marked the young couple's first Valentine's as married spouses, an occasion that was filled with sweet surprises. Peltz shared a picture of her husband's touching gift on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse at their joyous celebrations.

For the event, the oldest of the Beckham children presented "The Last Airbender" star with a giant heart-shaped tree made of roses. The stunning arrangement was placed on a lush green platform, which the Westminster native carried while standing half-naked.

Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz at Variety 2022 Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration
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Save for the towel around his waist, the 23-year-old appeared naked, flashing a cheeky smile at the camera. The aspiring chef touched up his steamy appearance with a baseball cap and a gold necklace.

It seemed receiving the flowers alongside her husband's tattooed body were the best gifts Peltz could ask for as the 28-year-old affectionately captioned the post, "Best way to wake up everrr. I love you so much, baby!! I'm so lucky I get you forever!"

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