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Farrah Abraham Hits Back After Teen Daughter's Piercing Party Criticism!

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By MLC on February 27, 2023 at 6:15 PM EST

Farrah Abraham is speaking out after garnering major backlash for allowing her teenage daughter to get six piercings for her 14th birthday.

Last week, The Blast reported on Sophia Abraham getting six piercings in one day to celebrate her birthday.

She got “snakebite” piercings underneath her bottom lip, two earlobe piercings and two other unknown piercings.

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Farrah Abraham Allowed Daughter To Get 6 Piercings In One Sitting

“HAPPY 14th Birthday! #snakebite & #earlobe piercing party! 6 piercings later #snakebitepiercings you match vour snake ? can you even eat your cake?” she captioned the video.

Her daughter is definitely in her “gothic/emo phase” and living up to the aesthetic.

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As you can imagine, Farrah’s decision to allow her 14-year-old to get all these piercings IMMEDIATELY garnered backlash.

“Nope too young,” one person wrote.

“Poor girl doesn’t stand a chance,” another added.

One impassioned commenter wrote, “It’s one thing to be a cool parent but it’s another to not lay down guidelines and rules. When you’re 18 graduated high school you want tattoos you want to put holes all over your body that’s on you. At 14 no you need to be the parent. I would say nope nope and nope ears piercing that’s one thing coloring here that’s cool want to dress kind of how you want to a certain extent. I think children rule parents and parents don’t parent like the good old days.”

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Farrah Responds To Social Media Backlash!

‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Gets Physically Violent, Including ‘Attack’ On Farrah Abraham

Speaking toTMZ, the “Teen Mom” alum said, “I’m fortunate to be able to go with my child when she thinks about getting these piercings and those things, and the company said, ‘We’re not going to be giving the ten piercings that you want, like your body, your ears can only handle the four down here and maybe in six months you can add the other piercings you want.’ So, I’m happy to bring in professionals and I can only say like something may not be healthy enough, but I think that’s part of our children, just like I’m going through it later in life, reparenting yourself.”

Farrah said she is teaching her daughter self-love and self-care by allowing her to get these piercings.

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Farrah Will NOT Allow Sophia To Drink, Do Drugs Or Have Sex!

“So, Sophia is doing that and I’m giving her a welcoming and comfortable place to do that as a teenager to reparent herself and relearn things,” Farrah said. “Every generation is different. I know that it can close up, it will go away and I think we just have to keep in mind what’s age appropriate, what will heal, what will go away. And other more permanent things, like tattoos, I’m definitely not about that. I totally love this ever-going parent shaming conversation on the Internet and that is in part to us allowing our lives to be shown on TV.”

While many people online continue to bash Farrah’s parenting style, she insists there are boundaries she will not let Sophia break.

Farrah Abraham2
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“So, I’m always going to be open to talking and is there limits with myself and those discussions. I don’t really agree with parents who just let their kids drink alcohol already as a young teenager, or have sex already as young teenagers. I mean, I’m speaking as a teen parent who lost her baby daddy, whose gone through a very traumatic time in her life,” she explained. “I’ve shown that on television, so I’m not going to really agree with my child dating or having sex. My child experimenting with drugs or possibly dying right now. So, there’s definitely real-life things parents are really going through that are probably way more difficult than piercings that might get rejected.”

Sophia is going back to the piercing parlor in six months for more piercings.

“I’m very proud of my daughter. She’s on her own health journey. I couldn’t be more proud of her,” Farrah concluded.

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