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Teddi Mellencamp's Daughter Is The Ultimate Self-Image Coach!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on February 19, 2023 at 12:30 PM EST

Haters better not cross Teddi Mellencamp's daughter, Slate!

As a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alumna, Mellencamp is well familiar with being under scrutiny and receiving unsolicited feedback regarding countless elements of her life. The 41-year-old "Two T's In A Pod With Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge" podcast host has been candid about the online harassment she has received on Instagram.

Mellencamp has expressed her desire to do whatever it takes to hold these naysayers accountable. Last month, The Blast took a look at some of the comments left on one of Mellencamp's Instagram videos; she had taken to Insta to share her feelings about sending her kiddos off to school, in hopes her followers would resonate with the bittersweetness.

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Instead, trolls came for Mellencamp's appearance and targeted her parenting abilities.

After numerous comments taking jabs at her appearance, the former 'RHOBH' star would be inspired to discuss the hostility that regularly defines the comment sections of her content and her disbelief over the trolls who regularly weigh in on the various aspects of her life.

On Saturday morning, Mellencamp shared an uplifting post, showing screenshots of texts she's received from her preteen daughter Slate!

Before we take a look at the encouraging sweetness of Slate's texts, let's look deeper into the online harassment Mellencamp receives on a regular basis.

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Mellencamp Takes A Stand Against Her Haters

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In mid-January, Mellencamp shared an Instagram carousel featuring screenshots containing negative comments.

"I enjoy using social media to share my life," Mellencamp explained to her followers. "my struggles... but also my sense of humor, my personality, a 360 view of who I am," she continued. "What I don't understand is the need to leave negative comments attacking my face, my body, my person. I know we are told to just ignore, but why should we? Why shouldn't we hold these people accountable for saying things they wouldn't say to somebody in person. Things they wouldn't want said to them, or their mothers, daughters, or sisters," Mellencamp went on to share.

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"So I'm just sharing this to say: just keep scrolling," she instructed. "Otherwise, maybe look in a mirror and ask yourself why saying something rude on a stranger's post brings you joy."

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Slate Arroyave Comes To Her Mom's Defense!

Mellencamp's daughter Slate provided a much-needed dose of kindness for Mellencamp's feed when her mother posted a sweet set of encouraging text messages!

"dear mommy/the best mommy in the world," Slate began her letter, "who ever said u look chubby is a lying [long-nosed emoji] because u are a wonderful woman that is so beautiful and the people who say that just want to make u feel bad about urself but it does not work like that so they are taking it out on u. i love u [kissy face emoji] and don't think about the haters because they will always be wrong!" Slate encouraged her mom with several smiling emojis!

"I LOVE [heart emoji] U MOMMY!!!!!," Slate ended her first text.

Slate sent another text saying "i love u," and additional heart emojis, before giving her take on her belief in keeping a 'beautiful' mindset.

"also it could probably be a bad angle, but bc ur beautiful people are mean, beautiful is the way to be" she continued with a cat emoji with heart eyes. "so be who u are and stay beautiful and the best love [heart emoji] you," Slate assured her mom.

Mellencamp encouraged her followers to be aware of what they are posting online, because some younger and more impressionable eyes may come across the hateful rhetoric often permeating social media.

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"It's not lost on me that @tamrajudge & I do a podcast where we are paid to recap shows," Mellencamp began her caption, "While doing that, we laugh and can be shady and make ridiculous videos. However, there is a difference between doing that and commenting negatively on someone's appearance. My daughter saw some of the comments where people called me 'chubby' and 'rectangle.' I can handle it because I am confident in my own skin; but let's do better because you never know who is reading what you write," Mellencamp continued. "I am proud to be raising a kind, loving and empathetic 10-year-old. One can only hope that the keyboard warriors will learn something from her," she concluded.

"Aw, I love Slate," Mellencamp's former 'RHOBH' co-star Kyle Richards commented. "So sweet and so true," she wrote.

Fans were generally in agreement with Mellencamp's plea; some followers, however, took issue with Mellencamp's daughter being on social media.

"That was a beautiful private message between you and your daughter," a skeptical follower commented. "You shouldn't pull her in on this drama that's not being a good person," they wrote.

Haters gonna hate, but not if Slate has anything to do with it!

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