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Paramore Fans Celebrate The Release Of The Band's First Album In Five Years!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on February 13, 2023 at 2:00 PM EST

The wait is over! Paramore fans will finally be able to say 'This is why' the band took five years to perfect their latest album!

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Hayley Williams and the boys are back with their first LP since 2017's "After Laughter," and early reviews for "This Is Why" seem to come to the consensus that the 10 tracks detail what happens after the laughter dies down.

The band explores the idea of collective heartbreak inspired by the constant onslaught of breaking news on the album's second track, "The News," but Paramore's fans are anything but heartbroken by "This Is Why!"

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Paramore Fans Will Have Plenty Of Subjects To Identify With On 'This Is Why'

Paramore proclaims they are "always running out of time" in the album's upcoming next single "Running Out Of Time," but they're only going forward. Fans are more than game to come along for the journey!

"This Is Why" provides plenty of reasons for Paramore's fanbase to resonate with the inspirations behind the new album.

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In an Instagram post from yesterday, Paramore tells their fans they've come to the right place if they've ever felt feelings of "Agoraphobia, righteous rage, confused about the difference between selfishness and self preservation, complete and utter apathy, cabin fever, deep-seated vengefulness, moral superiority, dissociation, disassociation, disbelief about the inconsistencies of the American-English language, American Psycho, revelation, nostalgia for things you've not yet experienced and did not know you even wanted to, and resignation."

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Fan Reception To Paramore's New Album Is Anything But A State Of 'Misery Business!'

Paramore fans were more than ready to embrace their inner emo-selves on social media upon the album's release on Friday!

The band's commitment to moving forward was not lost on their fans. One Twitter user praised them for their ability to go forward while somehow being able to stay true to their signature roots.

"paramore are rock royalty because they've proved time and time again what true rock is: being able to reinvent yourself and still show the same stamina and stage presence that you had 20 years ago, no matter how many genres you decide to experiment with," they said.

Other fans were quick to shut down those critics who are not here for Paramore's evolution.

"important to note how the people complaining about wanting the 'old paramore' to go back and make warped tour music in 2023 were the same ones dismissing and excluding them from that very scene and genre in 2007," a fan observed.

"Paramore wrote 'Running Out Of Time' for everyone that leaves at 8:55 for their 9am job (me)," a self-aware fan tweeted.

"being able to vocalize what you're feeling in lyrics is a talent, but the skill of responding (or co-communicating) with the right drum part or guitar riff is just such an art. paramore are so in tune with each other, it's a joy to listen to," a fan with an ear for music tweeted.

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"this new paramore has zero skips like it's just tew [sic] excellent like they are genuinely capable of making bad music like idk what to tell you," a Paramore stan weighed in.

"The Paramore solo projects absolutely contributed to 'This Is Why' sounding that good. The further the band gets from being put in a box genre wise, the more authentic and alive their albums are," a fan observed.

"What I love most about 'This Is Why' as the last album for Paramore on Atlantic Records, is that after the hell Hayley's been given for the contract, this album really showcases Taylor & Zac. The sound is stealing my attention before the lyrics do, which hasn't happened before," a fan tweeted.

"is everyone aware that paramore is the best band in the entire world like i just want to make sure we're all on the same page here," a Paramore enthusiast tweeted.

Writer Adrie Rose tweeted, "paramore really said 'what if we put the last three years in one album"

"happy paramore day," a fan wished their Twitter feed. "can't believe i can say that in 2023 man, i've loved them for like 17 years now which is just bonkers. this new record is a treat for the ears and a lovely crystalization of all the sounds their music has explored across their careers," they concluded.

"This Is Why" is available to stream across all streaming services!

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