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Paramore Issues Statement Following Incident Of Audience Harassment In Salt Lake City

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 6, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT

Rock band Paramore is speaking out after an incident occurred in the audience of their Salt Lake City show on October 4th.

The band, who formed and rose to fame in the late aughts, has been celebrating multiple triumphs moments lately. Their new single "This Is Why" was released on September 28th after being announced on Twitter two weeks before.

Frontwoman Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York also recently confirmed their relationship after a period of speculation.

However, the band had to endure an unwanted incident last night while performing on stage.

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What Happened During Paramore's Salt Lake City Performance?


Following their Salt Lake City performance, the band had been made aware of an incident of harassment involving several audience members.

Earlier this afternoon, Paramore released a statement on Twitter and Instagram, revealing more details.

According to the band's statement, a male audience member began harassing several female concertgoers and also targeted a couple who had gotten engaged at the show.

Unfortunately, Paramore wasn't made aware of the incident until after the show, a fact the band expressed great remorse over.

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What Did Paramore's Statement Say?

The band's statement read, "After last night's show in SLC, we were made aware of an incident that happened in the crowd while we were on stage. A man physically and verbally assaulted multiple women, including an engaged couple at our show. Our security team and venue staff were made aware and were able to restrain and remove him.

"We did not know this was happening," the statement continued, "as the incident took place out of view from stage. Had we seen any of this happening, we would have stopped the show until the situation was under control."

Paramore made it clear in the statement's third paragraph how important it is for their fans to feel welcomed at their concerts.

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"PARAMORE DOES NOT CONDONE violence, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind. It is supremely unwelcome in our community and has no place at our shows. To the fans who were hurt by or who witnessed what happened last night, we are so sorry. We hope that you know we will always do anything we can to protect you and make you feel celebrated."

Their statement concludes, "To make things as clear as possible: Paramount shows are meant to be a safe place for people. If you can't respect that, do not come."

As of this writing, there are no comments on the band's Instagram post.

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Fans Thank Paramore For Speaking Out On Twitter

Support for the band's decision to release a statement regarding last night's incident began to pour in on Twitter.

@YELYAG00N commented, "thank you for speaking up about this incident, absolutely awful that this happened."

@iHugSnf tweeted, "sad that you even have to say this and sad that some men still act like this IN PUBLIC."

A Paramore fan by the name of Bryana exclaimed, "How y'all acting like this at a Paramore show?"

Multiple fans also expressed their love for the band after they used their platform to address the unfortunate incident.

"This Is Why" is now available to stream. The upcoming album of the same name will be released on February 10th, 2023.

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