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Paramore Reveals The Release Date For Their First Song In YEARS!

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By Kristin Myers on September 16, 2022 at 10:15 AM EDT

It seems that Paramore is finally ready to release some new music!

The band released their first album “All We Know Is Falling” in 2005 and made it big after releasing 2007’s “Riot.” They have since gone on to create several more albums: 2009’s “Brand New Eyes,” 2013’s self-titled album, and 2017’s “After Laughter.”

Frontwoman Hayley Williams had her own side projects during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Petals for Armor” in 2020 and “Flowers for Vases / Descansos” in 2021, which focused primarily on her coming to terms with her divorce.

However, it's been about five years since Paramore has released new music, and fans are just as excited as the band to hear their first new single from their upcoming album!

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Paramore's New Song 'This Is Why' Will Be Released This Month!

On September 16, the band posted a simple tweet that read: "'This Is Why,' the song. Sept 28" and provided a link for fans to pre-order the new song.

It's possible that the new song that they plan to drop later this month is the same song that they've released snippets of earlier this month.

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Less than a week ago, a 13-second clip was uploaded by a user to Reddit featuring their latest music. In the clip, which can be heard above, fans can clearly make out Hayley's signature vocals.

Fans were excited to hear a second clip, as the band had previously released another clip of what might be the same song earlier this month.

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In a different 11-second video clip, Hayley's voice can be heard a bit more clearly. Fans believe that, judging by the similar sound, they are actually different parts of the same song.

Given that their new song will be released on September 28, fans are looking forward to actually hearing the song so they can go back and listen to the clips again. It's completely possible that Paramore teased two clips of a different song than the one they plan to release to drum up even more excitement for their new album.

Hayley Williams Reveals That The New Album Will Have 'More Emphasis' On The Guitar

Hayley Williams throwback photo
Instagram / yelyahwilliams

In January, during an interview with Rolling Stone, the 33-year-old singer revealed that she, Taylor York, and Zac Farro were back in the studio, hard at work on their next album.

"We wrote and tracked something we loved and it actually surprised us," Hayley said earlier this year. "We kept joking it was all downhill from that point, but thank God we’ve been surprised a lot throughout this whole thing."

"I’m always waiting for the moment for us to know we’re onto something new and we’re not just rehashing the same s---," she continued. "It was 'Ain’t It Fun' for our self-titled record, and 'Hard Times' or 'Told You So' for After Laughter."

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"It’s not about it feeling like a hit so much as it’s a scary, exciting feeling that you’re treading uncharted waters," she added. "It keeps you curious. We got to feel that feeling early on this time.”

Hayley Williams of apos Paramore apos at apos Jimmy Kimmel Live apos
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Although the band is always trying something new and different, Hayley admitted that some elements of their music have "remained consistent" throughout their work.

"Our output has always been all over the place and with this project, it’s not that different," she explained. "We’re still in the thick of it but some things have remained consistent from the start."

As for what fans can expect from their latest album, Hayley revealed that there will be "more emphasis" on the guitar and joked that "Zac should go as Animal as he wants with drum takes."

Paramore Has ANOTHER Surprise Planned For Next Monday!

Paramore's website

On their website, Paramore has set up a schedule for what fans can expect for the month.

On September 7 and September 9, the days are labeled "blank" and "wr0ng," which might be a nod to the day they released the two clips. On September 12, the "LA" is a reference to the day that they announced on Instagram that they would be playing two shows in Los Angeles in October 2022.

On September 16, Paramore announced that "This Is Why" will be released on September 28, which explains the two blank spaces on the calendar. But what does "start spreading the news" on September 19 mean? Will it be the day they announce the release date for their new album?

Fans can't wait to find out!

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