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'RHUGT' Is Taking Caroline Manzo Accusations Against Brandi Glanville 'Seriously'

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By Kay on February 6, 2023 at 7:45 PM EST

Peacock has released a statement regarding the alleged altercation between Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville.They are going to dig deep!

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Peacock Is On The Case

WE tv Celebrates the Premiere of Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition

The streaming platform knew that there would be drama when they decided to sign an exclusive deal with Bravo for the streaming rights of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip but this is something they haven’t experienced before.

Peacock has recently been forced to release a statement ensuring fans of the popular Bravo TV franchise that they are looking into the accusations against Brandi by Caroline. "The safety and security of cast and crew while shooting is extremely important and we take all reports seriously," said the statement released by Shed Media and Peacock jointly.

"In this situation, production immediately launched a comprehensive review and is taking appropriate action."

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What Is The Appropriate Action, Peacock?

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The streaming site has been under fire by fans who are wondering why the hell Brand was even back, to begin with. There are plenty of housewives that could have appeared in the ex-wives club. Hell, we would have taken late entry Lisa Rinna (low-key epic casting choice.)

Peacock is making sure that fans of the show are not upset by the situation that allegedly went down between the two OGs especially seeing as fans have been begging for a Caroline Manzo return since they felt she was pushed out by Teresa Giudice and her family.

Now that she’s back, someone like Brandi has zero room to mess this up for the dedicated fans. People magazine was the first to report that an incident had taken place between the matriarch, Caroline, and messy Brandi.

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Brandi Glanville Was Endlessly Kissing Caroline Manzo

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In case you missed the gossip, all the drama went down because of a little night of partying and party games all the women were playing while filming Ex-wives Club 2 in Marrakesh. The 50-year-old mom of two boys really got under Caroline’s skin when she chose to keep the game going, knowing that Caroline was uncomfortable.

It was reported that Manzo, 61 was in bit of distress while trying to duck and dodge kisses from Brandi. A source from production supposedly shared with People, "It was unwanted," and “Caroline's distress over the matter did not seem to stop Brandi. Things escalated and physical boundaries allegedly were crossed that Caroline felt were serious and uncomfortable."

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Brandi Glanville Was Sent Home

WE tv Celebrates the Premiere of Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition

Supposedly, Brandi was sent home for her bad behavior. This was confirmed by a social media post where she indicated she was leaving with a photo of a camel and the caption is her saying goodbye to Marrakesh.

Even though Brandi left, and Caroline was in the clear, the former Jersey housewife just didn’t want to stick around, she hopped on the next flight out behind Brandi. This too was confirmed by an Instagram post of her attending her granddaughter’s cheerleading competition. She was also with her daughter Lauren at a restaurant later as well.

Keep in mind that all this drama is so far away! This is the season four case we are talking about and fans still haven’t experienced season three in Thailand yet.

Hurry up Peacock.

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