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Designer Gear In Chris Brown's 'Department Store' Could Cover His $4 Million In Back Taxes

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By Kay on January 30, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST

So, Chris Brownowes the IRS $4 million in back taxes, no big deal, right? He can hold a garage sale for all the designer clothes sitting in his home department store.

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Chris Brown Owes California Big

Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown pictured together for the first time leaving the K West Hotel in Shepherd apos s Bush for an evening at Maya nightclub

In legal documents obtained by Distractify, Brown allegedly owes the IRS and the state of California an obscenely large sum of money. According to the publication. Several large tax liens have been filed against him and the state is serious everything is up for grabs.

The liens include his home in Tarzana, CA, and anything related to his music business. In December, he was served with a federal tax lien for $2,245,561.50 for the 2022 year. Another lien was filed that same year for $1,059,967.78.

When the state of Cali got wind of what the government was up to they wanted their piece as well. They filed a state tax lien for $739,067.48 against Chris.

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Chris Brown Is Worth Over $100 Million

Chris Brown Tax Lien

It has been reported by TheRichest that Chris is worth over $100 million so $4 million really shouldn’t be that big of a deal to him especially if he doesn’t want to end up like Wesley Snipes, in jail for tax evasion.

It’s important to note that Wesley did the time and kept his coins for the most part so, maybe Chris is thinking he’s gonna pull a Wesley. The singer is clearly not happy about this tax situation, he once referenced President Joe Biden in an Instagram post writing, "Y'all happy with Biden?" He asked, adding, "Because ummm wtf?"

That post was from back in 2021 so, it seems Brown has had a problem for a minute with the government. The good thing is he isn’t afraid to turn up his sleeves and make money or sell whatever he needs to to make things work for him financially.

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Chris Brown Has His Own Department Store

Singer Chris Brown is disappointed as he leaves the Nice Guy after a driver crashes into another car which hits his car

The “Deuces” singer recently shared on Instagram that he built his own department store-like storage area in that same Tarzana home that the government put a lien on. He bragged about having so much clothing.

It was stacked up in the room on racks with wheels just like a real clothing store. The aesthetic wasn’t the prettiest but Chris made it work. Now, we are thinking he can turn around and sell, sell, sell. The number of clothes that were in that room was wild and the chances of Chris wearing them again seems slim.

He can sell whatever he has and use it to pay off those liens and get the state off his back.

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Chris Brown Likes Garage Sales

Chris Brown performing at Wireless Festival Crystal Palace Park London

In 2019, the singer held a garage sale in the driveway of his real home and opened it up to the public. He sold his personal items and advertised the sale on IG with a poster that read; "featuring significantly marked-down high-end items."

So we know he has the high-end stuff he can sell for thousands of dollars apiece if need be. Hundreds of people showed up and while he didn’t share how much he made the driveway was bare by the end of the sale and Brown looked content.

Maybe it’s time he recycles the garage sale idea.

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