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Sam Smith Reveals They've Been Booted Off Several Dating Apps For THIS Reason

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By Favour Adegoke on January 25, 2023 at 6:00 AM EST

English singer and songwriter Sam Smith has divulged that they have been banned from all the dating apps they tried to sign up for. They said that most of the apps thought they were catfishing.

The singer revealed that they have always been able to date despite their busy career. Smith was recently spotted packing on the PDA with designer Christian Cowan.

Read on for more details.

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Why Sam Smith Got 'Chucked Off' Dating Apps

Sam Smith

The "Stay With Me" singer revealed during an interview with ET Canada that they have always been able to date but have never been successful with online dating.

Smith disclosed that a couple of online dating apps booted them off their platform after being mistaken for a catfish account.

"I never did Grindr," they said. "I did Tinder once; I think I got chucked off of Tinder. I got chucked off of Hinge because they thought that I wasn't me."

Smith admitted that they didn't verify their profile, saying, "I should have done that." They explained that despite their busy music career and bad experience with dating apps, they've "always been able to date."

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Sam Smith Says Their Dog Velma Taught Them 'How To Love'

Smith, 30, revealed that their dog, Velma, changed their perspective on life and love. "She taught me how to love," the singer told ET Canada.

Smith added, "I really feel like I don't think I loved anyone other than my family and friends and stuff… she's really taught me that. I miss her loads by the way, I haven't seen her in ages."

The "Unholy" singer also stated that if they were ever allowed back into online dating platforms, their profile would be dedicated to their dog Velma.

Smith's dog Velma also has two siblings; tortoises called Paprika and Nutmeg.

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The Singer Was Spotted With Top Designer Christian Cowan

Sam Smith

The hitmaker was recently spotted getting cozy with designer Christian Cowan in New York City. Smith was billed to perform on "SNL" and was pictured walking arm-in-arm with the New York-based designer, according to Page Six.

Before this, Smith and Cowan were spotted together at a tattoo shop. 

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An artist posted a picture of Smith and Cowan along with some friends and captioned it, "At first I didn't believe it when I got an email saying that Sam Smith would like a tattoo from me. Even on the day, I thought it was just a hoax...One of my proudest moments as a tattoo artist!"

The duo was first seen together at the White House in December for the Respect for Marriage Act signing.

Sam Smith Likes To Keep Their Relationship Private

Sam Smith Slammed On IG For Living It Up On A Boat In A Leopard Speedo

The Grammy-winning singer has made it a point to keep their relationship and romantic connections a secret, as they noted to GQ Magazine. Having pointed out that they love to be alone and would sometimes force themselves to see people, Smith noted that they do not have a problem dating but prefer to keep it private.

In the prestigious fashion magazine, Smith was asked if their fondness for drama puts added pressure on the "actual experience of falling in love."

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Smith responded, "Weirdly, no. I've been incredibly lucky in that department, I think. Over the last few years, as I've become confident in my skin, I've got loads of wonderful romantic attention. It's been incredible. I'm so open to it. And I know what I want and I know who I am and I'm excited for that."

They continued, "I've decided that I will always keep that private now. I have had relationships where I've shared stuff online and talked about it here and there. And I just don't want to do that. I think being loved by someone is such a gift – for yourself. And I think my job can sometimes get in the way of that — the purity of that love."

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