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Sharna Burgess Laments Using Filters On Kids: 'This Fires Me Up'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 22, 2023 at 8:15 PM EST

Sharna Burgess is speaking out against the act of using face-altering filters on kids.

The “Dancing With The Stars” alum and Brian Austin Green welcomed a son, Zane, in 2022, and since then, the mom of one has been all over her son, showering him with love. 

Being a mother herself, Burgess was fired up when she saw a video of a kid using a filter that altered her face. Not one to hold back, Burgess took to Instagram to criticize the act. 

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Sharna Burgess Calls Out Against Using Filters On Kids

The ballroom dancer made a video of herself trying the filter used for the eight-year-old child. The said Instagram filter made the pro dancer’s face slimmer, changed her eye color, and highlighted her nose. 

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Sharna Burgess slams filter on kids
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Accompanying the video, Burgess ranted, “I just saw someone that had this filter on several videos of their child. A beautiful young girl, maybe eight years old.” 

Burgess continued expressing irritation towards the act, saying, “Congratulations on giving your kid insecurities about her already perfect face. This s**t fires me up.” She asked her followers to try the filter and note the changes it made. 

The mom of one also shared a video of her natural face, which was a clear contrast to the video with the filter. “For the record, this is my face this morning. No makeup and no filter,” Burgess announced. She zoomed the camera a bit to show her skin and then some scratches, which she said were made by Zane. 

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However, one fan slid into Burgess' DM claiming that the Tv host didn’t practice what she preached as she also used filters in her videos and pictures. In response to the claim, the 37-year-old made a video explaining the type of filter she uses.

“The only filters that I use are the ones that are not altering my face," the pro dancer said. "There are some ones that do a little coloring or a little smoothening, but they absolutely do not change my face; make my lips big or my nose small, my jaw narrow or my eyes bigger. I absolutely would never use that.”

The Australian stated that putting such a filter on a kid was “just awful.” Before the clip ended, she reiterated that she only uses subtle filters. 

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The 'DWTS' Pro Dancer Once Forgot To Shower

As mentioned, the choreographer is a mom of one and has been detailing her motherhood journey to fans. Previously, we reported that the choreographer ranted about how challenging motherhood can be

At that time, she wrote on her Instagram page, “Mom life is busy, and at the same time, I go nowhere. Between pumping, feeding, playtime, and everything in between, there are no hours left in the day. Tbh I realized at one point I hadn’t showered in 2 days…. And I’m a 2 showers a day human!!!”

However, it wasn't all negative for the Australian native, who revealed that she managed to find balance in the chaos. She wrote, “Finding time and balance is the new skill I’m trying to master. I wouldn’t change a single thing, though, I’m obsessed with life and everything in it.”

The “DWTS“ Alum And Brian Austin Green Celebrate Two Years Of Being In Love

Burgess and her partner, with whom she co-parents Zane, celebrated two years of falling in love

The couple first met at a coffee shop a few months after Green divorced Megan Fox. Celebrating their second anniversary, the pair shared sweet tributes on Instagram.  Green penned a sweet message on Instagram alongside a cute picture of Burgess and their family.

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Brian Austin Green and his girlfriend Sharna Burgess look happier than ever as they make their way into rehearsals at Dancing With The Stars

The tribute read, “October 16th, 2 years ago was a day like any other day, but I made plans to meet someone new for coffee. My god am I thankful every single day for that. You are a light in my life, my other kids lives, and the most amazing person I have ever met. The life that we have created and continue to create is better than anything I ever thought was possible :))I love you❤️?.”

Sharing the same sentiments for her man, Burgess wrote on her Instagram too, “2 years tomorrow with this one. And he keeps getting hotter ??.” 

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Fans gushed about the lovely couple and wished them a happy anniversary. One follower remarked, “You guys are so perfect for each other, and your baby boy is too adorable,” and another commented, “Love this tribute, and the song is perfect! ❤️❤️ nothing sexier than a great dad, and he’s easy on the eyes ? so that’s a bonus.”

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