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Ashley Tisdale Shares Her Experience Managing Alopecia: 'Know That You Are Not Alone'

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 12, 2023 at 11:00 PM EST

Ashley Tisdale is keeping it real about her hassle with alopecia!

Known as alopecia areata in the medical field, this disease happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Although it can occur due to heredity, hormonal changes, or be a normal part of aging, the actress and singer revealed that hers was triggered by severe stress in her early 20s.

The former Disney star would be the latest celeb to voice out her struggles with the condition, joining others like Viola Davis, Matt Lucas, Naomi Campbell, Kristin Davis, Rosie O'Donnell, Tyra Banks, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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Ashley Tisdale Deals With Her Alopecia By Picking Her Battles When It Comes To Stress

Tisdale took to her wellness blog Frenshe on Wednesday to speak candidly on the subject many people have difficulty discussing. The "High School Musical" star began by recalling how she discovered a "little bald spot" on her hairline and asked her hair colorist about it.

After a diagnosis from her dermatologist, the "hair grew back thankfully," as it always does, unless she was in a stressful situation. Tisdale noted that she used stress management tools like yoga, meditation, and "figuring out what is a big deal versus not a big deal" to deal with her specific condition.

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The Billboard Music Awards winner added that what she ate was vital in her overall strategy, disclosing that she followed an autoimmune-targeted diet for gut health. Describing it as "basically like paleo," Tisdale said:

"It makes you feel better, and it really is healing towards the gut. You don't want to be on it for a lifestyle diet, but it's good to do like a 30-day thing with it." 

She also suggested that those struggling with the autoimmune condition could try a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, claiming that she has seen great results. As she rounded up her speech in the Instagram clip, the "It's Alright, It's OK" singer assured viewers with alopecia, "You're not alone."

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A look at the comment section proved that many individuals who had — and were still dealing with — alopecia opted to keep quiet about it. "My mom struggles with it, but it has not come back. It's completely gone all over her body. Thank you for vocalizing this because it's still a struggle to accept for some," one person admitted. 

Another person shared that even though they had gotten some results after trying "rosemary oil, biotin, vit B supplements, scalp exfoliating and massage," what Tisade said in the clip was "interesting," and they would be looking "into paleo now."

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A third Instagram user commented, "Autoimmune Paleo is AMAZING for any autoimmune disease! So glad you shared that resource. It significantly helped improve Graves Disease for me! Highly recommend anyone who struggles with autoimmunity to try AIP!"

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While a fourth fan appreciated Tisade for using her "platform to speak openly about alopecia and highlighting the difficulties in experiencing hair loss," another added:

"I have alopecia and u definitely opened my eyes to accept myself and love myself I struggle with it but thank u for being amazing."

"You are so beautiful and strong. Love you Ash!," yet another fan gushed.

The Pop Singer Encourages Fans To Put Their Mental Health First

In October, The Blast observed that the "Saving Santa" star touched on her mental health, informing her fans of the significance of recognizing and focusing on their well-being. Tisdale had taken to Instagram to drop a reel along with the caption:

"Today is #worldmentalhealthday. It's so important we destigmatize our struggles with our mental health [to] help to feel supported and be able to learn how we can prioritize our well being every single day."

In the video, the actress updated fans that since she began paying attention to her mental well-being, she has learned ways to keep "my head in a better place." She explained that she partnered with Frenshe to help people open up, grow, and better themselves.

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For the "Crank It Up" hitmaker, the outfit would continue their "conversation around mental health," searching for "stories that will help you if you are feeling blue, plus tips on what to say to a friend who is really going through it and/or struggling."

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