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Chelsea Handler Shares New PSA For New Year: 'Marriage, It's Not That Great!'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 5, 2023 at 11:30 PM EST

Chelsea Handler started the new year with some relationship advice for her fans. 

As you may know, the “Chelsea Lately” host loves to share her opinions on marriage and having kids, and she adds a bit of humor to the information.

Beginning the new year, Handler isn’t relenting in her efforts to encourage single people that getting married isn’t the icing on the cake, as what most people make it to be. 

In the Tv host’s recent update, she dished out a disadvantage of being married, comparing it with an advantage of being married. 

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Chelsea Handler Says ‘Marriage Isn’t That Great’

Chelsea Handler

The Tv personality began the Instagram clip by introducing herself as the “Star Of the stage and screen” before dishing her advice. “When you’re married, you’re expected to put out for all kinds of occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, flag day.”

In her usual manner, the host compared an upside of being single to this saying, ”But when you’re single, you don’t have to worry about having that extra bread stick at dinner because your husband isn’t going to be trying theirs in you later.”

Handler added, “if you have sex with your husband, you might get pregnant, and don’t get me started on kids.” She ended her PSA by declaring that “marriage is not that great.”

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Some of the reality star’s fans applauded this advice while concurring that it was the truth. A fan concurred, saying, “ain’t that the truth!!” and another echoed, “Marriage is not that great!”

This is not the first time the comedian has shared her two cents on marriage and relationships. Last year’s Thanksgiving, the “Chelsea Does” star shared why she loved being single, which The Blast detailed.

Handler made the revelation via a video on her Instagram, and the clip showed her in the center of her spacious bed with her dogs. The video began with the 47-year-old jokingly announcing that she loved being single for her bed space. 

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The Netflix star outlined that being single means having the whole bed to use. “If I want to sleep diagonally or upside down or like a starfish or on all fours,” she explained as she playfully tried all the positions.

She continued detailing more upsides of being single, “Sleeping alone means you get the best sleep every night. You don’t have to worry about your partner snoring or them slashing you in the middle of the night with their big toe.”

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Before the video ended, Handler encouraged her followers, saying, “You deserve to do what you want in your bed whenever you want.” Captioning the update, Handler said the clip was an encouragement for single folks. She wrote, “For all those single people out there who are getting bullied. Have a blessed day!”

Some of her followers and other celebrities resonated with the host’s candid opinion. Movie director Angie Kuman penned, “Amen, sister!! Sideways starfish all the way.”

The 'Chelsea Lately' Host Speaks On Her Relationship With Her Ex, Jo Koy

Recall that the “Chelsea Does” host and her ex-boyfriend, Jo Koy, shockingly called it quits before their first dating anniversary.

However, six months after the split, Handler explicitly discussed her former relationship and what went down. As covered, the bestselling author appeared on the “Now What?” podcast with Brooke Shields, explaining the state of her friendship with Koy since their mutual parting. 

Speaking on their friendship, Handler said, “I mean, there has to be some accountability, you know what I mean? Like, from him about what happened, because it was just ridiculous.”

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However, the “Girls Behaving Badly” cast member didn’t fully disclose what accountability she wanted from her ex-lover. The stand-up comedian further shared that there were some disagreements in the relationship and some changes to be made. 

Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy arrive for the 64th annual Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
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Handler nevertheless made it known that she wasn’t going to neglect herself for her partner. According to her, “I was like, ‘I’m not going to change the way that I behave in order to make you feel more comfortable. I’m not doing that.”

The Tv producer also revealed that they tried to make it work and even went as far as calling on a therapist to help them through the “several situations” they disagreed on. Ending her chitchat, the writer declared that she had accepted the separation. 

Handler is not the only one who accepted the split, as Koy was spotted with a mystery woman at the Pacific Palisades.

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