Abby De La Rosa's post on her Instagram page

Abby De La Rosa Reveals Her Goals For The New Year!

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 4, 2023 at 6:00 PM EST

Like many worldwide, Abby De La Rosa is starting the new year with a list of goals.

The former Radio host made a name for herself through her international DJ and Broadcast profession. Indeed, such recognition required steady work accomplishments through the goals she must have set for herself.

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Abby De La Rosa: 'I Want To Hold Myself Accountable'

As an entrepreneur, it is clear that De La Rosa will pull out all the stops to be at the best capacity for her business ventures. After all, she is taking to her Instagram story to share some precise goals she is working on for 2023.

During a Q&A session with fans, the mother-of-three was asked, "How are you doing? Wat are your goals for the year." She answered by first expressing her gratitude towards God and the particular inquirer; she capped the reaction to the first part of the question with the words, "I am doing so good."

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Abby De La Rosa's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Abby De La Rosa
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To dive into the following aspect, she noted that she plans to make all her ideas and vision a tangible achievement in the months that follow. She said, "My goals for the year are just manifesting and bringing to life all the ideas that I've spoken about, all the things that I've envisioned." Explaining further, she said:

"Also, on a spiritual and mental level, my goal is to hold myself accountable for everything, hold myself accountable for my decisions, my choices."

Conclusively, De La Rosa reveals that she will work on being her "authentic self" to everybody around her and add wisdom while engaging in such a demeanor. The post had a caption written across the clip that read:

"I'm a continued work in progress; thank God for having another day of life to work on ME?✨."

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This back-and-forth between the DJ and her supporters on social media comes about two months after the birth of her daughter, Zeppelin, whom she shares with the TV presenter Nick Cannon, who is also the father of her twin sons, Zion and Zillion.

The Blast reported on the specific things that have helped her through her "Delicate Postpartum period." Per reports, she took to her page to write:

"Thank you, God, for music and my equipment, it's literally saved me more than I can ever explain, especially during this delicate Postpartum period."

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Furthermore, De La Rosa posted a video of her DJ equipment while she sang along to SZA's song, "Snooze, "playing loudly in the background. She captioned the post, "WAS FEELING OVERSTIMULATED AF! CAME OUT TO TAKE A QUICK DJ BREAK, ENDED UP TRAPPIN OUT SZA'S "SNOOZE" ??."

Noticeable in the report were the photos the mom-of-three shared of her family of five gearing up for the holidays. In the first picture, La Rosa held onto her boys, Zion and Zillion, one on each side, as she smiled. The boys matched in a red check shirt and denim, which La Rosa complimented with a dazzling red off-shoulder gown.

The second picture showed Cannon dressed in theme, holding onto his son and daughter, dressed in a cute white top and a red skirt. The actor smiled widely, almost in a burst of laughter. The famed DJ accompanied another black-and-white picture she dedicated to her newborn with the caption, "This little light of mine✨?."

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Abby De La Rosa Is Getting Her Groove Back But Leaves Toddler Surprised

The Blast reported on how the social media influencer lured the attention of her son Zion through a two-piece outfit that consisted of a light brown long-sleeved button-down shirt that hugged her body tightly and matching pants.

La Rosa was extremely spirited in the video shared as she showed off her post-pregnancy body. Her simple makeup and signature skull-cap hairstyle sealed the deal of excellence she wanted to give.

As she continued to check herself through the camera, one of the twin boys appeared to give the hot mama a look of wonderment. The one-year-old's gesture prompted her to chuckle and reassure him that she was still his mother.

Per reports, the whole interaction was captioned, "Starting to get my shape back! My poor kids haven't seen me done up in forever! Zion was shocked [laughing emoji] look at him checking me out like, "who are you?" [laughing emoji].

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