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Eva Mendes Debuts New Hairdo Ahead Of The New Year!

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 1, 2023 at 2:00 AM EST

Eva Mendes is getting ready for the new year in class, and it is with a New hairdo. 

Mendes is an American actress with a tremendous career spanning over three decades, and in that time, the mom of two has been known for wearing her hair in diverse brown shades. However, with her profession came a few switches.

The fashion designer is saying her goodbyes to 2022 with a switch up from her signature golden brown looks for a reddish hairdo. The new update posted to her social media page comes a few days before the new year celebrations.

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Fans Of Eva Mendes Are In Love With Her New Hairstyle

On December 28, the model took to her Instagram page to share a fantastic selfie with millions of followers. Mendes allowed her looks to keep viewers on the edge of their seats by showing off her vibrant red hair and stunning skin.

The 48-year-old looked extremely good-looking in the zoomed-in selfie as she gave a sly, alluring away from the camera, but as mentioned, the hairdo was supposed to be the pull of attraction for her followers.

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Eva Mendes' post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Eva Mendes
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While not staring back at the camera, Mendes flaunted her full lips, which were laced with light pink lipstick. Her black brows were neatly groomed, while her eyeballs had some light reflection. Overall, the no-makeup look gave what it was supposed to provide.

The model’s hair fell to one side of her face down to her shoulder, covering a part of her left eye. The loose strands looked healthy and freshly made. Mendes, who was apparently fanciful, gushed over the closeup snap with the following caption, “Mira esto! I want red,” which translates to “Look at this.” Finally, she tagged the renowned hairdresser “@richi_grisillo.”

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With over 50000 likes, fans of the “Ghost rider” actress flooded the post with approval comments. “Foxy?” the skin and beauty expert commented. A fan page commented, "Gorgeous in red @evamendes."

Another person noted, “So good!!?” while an excited fan wrote, “HONEY, YOU GIVE MEANING TO THE DEFINITION OF 'EDIBLE'." A follower stated, “Seriously the most beautiful woman for me?.” “Latin Bombshell Icon,” a certain fan named her.

This debuted hairdo comes a few months after the creative director of CIRCA Beauty had to step out of her peace bubble to shut down the rumors swerving around. The Blast reported on how the ALMA Award nominee set the record straight concerning her time out of the spotlight.

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Per reports, she claimed her acting career is still on track despite the numerous blog sites using the opposite as clickbait. She put some outlet on blast through a video upload on Instagram and accompanied it with a detailed caption. She began by writing:

"I never quit acting. I wanted to be home with my babies, and fortunately my other business ventures allowed me to do that more than acting would."

Eva Mendes during the photocall of the movie Live!
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Furthermore, she expressed her dissatisfaction over the gigs extended to her, which she termed “stereotypical.” She concluded the caption by writing:

"Also, I was not excited about the stereotypical roles being offered to me at the time. Especially after working on the film LOST RIVER -that was a dream project. That’s a tough act to follow,” her note continued. “Whats the point of this post? To shift that narrative. I never quit. ♥️."

Likewise, the report documented how she received massive support from her fans.  A verified follower commented, “The narrative is yours chica! ??.” Another fan empathized by writing:

"Haha I feel ya mama- there is a book that came out recently attacking the wellness space and they said you don’t see vani in the media that much – ahhhhh because I had babies and shifted my priorities! Hellllllo! Not bc I stopped working or let the food industry goons try to discredit me as the book implied."

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Eva Mendes May Be Married To Long-time Partner, Ryan Gosling

Indeed, to Eva, her children are her top priority, but that list may also include the father of her children, Ryan Gosling, who has been her love interest for about 11 years. The Hollywood couple shares only tiny bits of their life on social media, so it was especially noteworthy when Mendes used the ‘Husband’ tag on Gosling, which The Blast gave a detailed report on. 

Per reports, the “Hitch” actress stirred up the conversation about marriage when she showed off her “des gosling” tattoo, which Spanish culture considers a form of marital engagement.

To add fuel to the fire, she addressed him as her ‘husband’ in a relaxed fashion during an interview. Mendes said, “Everyone is so welcoming here, and my husband Ryan is here, and we are having the best time.”

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