Cheryl Burke at the "Marvel's Runaways" Los Angeles Premiere, Bruin Theater, Westwood, CA 11-16-17

Cheryl Burke Will 'No Longer Be Defined By My Past' Ahead Of The New Year

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 1, 2023 at 1:00 AM EST

As the new year approaches, Cheryl Burke, like many worldwide, is gearing up for the upcoming era filled with renewed energy.

Burke is more than ready to move forward into a new chapter in her life without adding the baggage from her past, and she wasted no time in letting her fans know exactly that on social media.

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Cheryl Burke Is Stepping Into The New Year Without Being Defined By Her Past

The California-born model recently made a candid video ahead of New Year's Eve, telling fans how emotional she would get because she made it through the year despite the challenges. In the TikTok update, she strolled down a pathway, backing the camera but eventually turned around towards the end.

The clip was initially set in slow motion as she walked with both hands on her waist. It was then fast-paced towards the end when she raised one arm in the air in triumph and flipped her long tresses. A text overlay could be seen across the clip that partly read:

"When you see me crying at 11:59 pm on NYE, don't think it's because I'm sad. It's because I fking MADE IT through the year that did everything it could to try and break me."

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Cheryl Burke dines at Catch restaurant
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The note continued, "There were a lot of moments when I thought I would but here I AM. Ready to move forward, to no longer be defined by my past, and SO ready to start the next chapter of my life. 2023." In conclusion, Burke noted that she was psyched up to show the world how it is done.

The year has indeed been pretty interesting for the May-born dancer, possibly prompting her to recently take some time to clear her mind ahead of "a new chapter." The Blast shared that she updated her Instagram fans via a Story post about how she spent a refreshing period away by herself in the spirit of the new year.

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Burke described the experience as an "amazing, quiet, and meditative week of reflection and trying to get my thoughts together." Elaborating on collecting her thoughts, she was able to declutter her mind over the past couple of months which was much-needed and an incredible way to detox.

The TV presenter naturally had her followers in mind as she dished advice for them to try and emulate her by being quiet with their thoughts as "it really gets loud in there, for me at least."

At the end of her video post, she noted that time to open up, survey, and take a break from overthinking was necessary. The relaxing period was supposedly warranted given that the 38-year-old also shared her plans to take a break from the dance competition series, "Dancing with the Stars."

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The news shocked her numerous fans as she intended to leave after the show's season 31 and after being dedicated to the franchise for 26 seasons. In her announcement, she had mixed emotions over her final dance and revealed that her exit was the most difficult decision of her life but was the right choice.

Burke expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the show, including the cast, crew, and those who got to see her experience her highs and lows. She dedicated her last dance to her supporters and remained confident that that was the best time to take a bow and move on to the "next phase" of her career.

The 'I Can Do That' Star Pays Homage To 'DWTS' Dance Partners After Exit

Not long after departing "DWTS," The Blast noted that Burke tributed all her dance partners from over the years, including Jack Osbourne, Rob Kardashian, Ian Ziering, and Terrell Owens.

She posted a reel featuring pictures of the celebs and added her seasons two and three mirrorball trophy victories with dance partners Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith. In the attached message, the "Dance Moms" star began:

"To all my dance partners who each had played a pivotal role in my life, THANK YOU. Thank you for the life lessons, for trusting me with your vulnerability, and for ALWAYS giving each dance your all."  

She further appreciated every one of them after stating that despite the "times of blood, sweat, and tears," she was certain that neither of them would let her down, and they never did.

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