Cher Posts Stunning Diamond Ring, Is She Engaged To BF Alexander 'AE' Edwards?

Cher Posts Massive Diamond Ring, Is She Engaged To BF Alexander 'AE' Edwards?

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By Favour Adegoke on December 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST
Updated on December 28, 2022 at 10:26 AM EST

Legendary musician Cherhas sparked major engagement rumors after sharing a massive and stunning diamond ring online.

The superstar has been confirmed to be dating 36-year-old artist Alexander 'A.E' Edwards after the duo was spotted together being extremely cozy with each other and holding hands.

Cher has since opened up about how much she loves and adores Edwards, even going as far as spilling the tea on their kissing antics.

The iconic singer has lived a boisterous life and has dated several leading men. Although her relationship with Edwards is just barely a month old, he might be Mr. Right, especially if her gigantic diamond bling is anything to by.

Read on to learn more.

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Is Cher Engaged To Alexander A.E Edwards?

Cher has the whole internet wondering if her boyfriend, Edwards, has already popped the question just after one month of seeing each other. The singer took to her Twitter page on Sunday to share her massive diamond ring, which she got from the 36-year-old artist. 

The "If I Could Turn Back Time" crooner shared the stunning photo with the caption, "THERE R NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E," leaving her followers stumped at the sheer size and magnificence of the piece of jewelry. 

Based on the caption, it's quite obvious that the diamond ring was given to her by Edwards, but it's still very unclear if it's an engagement ring or just a regular old gift to mark the festive period.

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Cher Explains Why She Posted The Photo

21 September 2022 - Los Angeles, California - Cher.

To add to the confusion, Cher followed up the post with another, implying that the fingers gripping the box belonged to Edwards and that she posted the photo because his "nails are so cool."

Cher shared the same image and noted that she posted it to show off her boyfriend's nails, not the massive diamond ring. The fingernail featured in the picture, which allegedly belongs to Edwards, was painted with black and green colors to create a beautiful flame-like design.

While it is a cool-looking fingernail, it still couldn't match the sheer beauty of the diamond ring, so the "Believe" singer's attempt to throw off fans with her clarification has only further fueled the engagement rumors.

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Fans And Celebrities Congratulate The Singer But Aren't Sure What The Ring Is For

Cher Posts Stunning Diamond Ring, Is She Engaged To BF Alexander 'AE' Edwards?

Shortly after releasing the stunning photo of her diamond ring online, fans and celebrities quickly flooded the post with tons of congratulatory messages.

One follower wrote, "Congrats sis !!!!!! Many blessings to you !!!! Merry and happy everything !!!" 

A confused fan, mesmerized by the hefty bling, tweeted, "Wait wait wait hold uppp!! Is that a diamond ring or a ring with diamonds???? What does it meeeaaaan?????????"

Another fan of the star commented on the ring but asked for clarification on its purpose. They wrote, "It's a very beautiful and the BIGGEST Diamond I've ever seen, but MOTHER what does this mean??"

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A very excited Cher fan wished her a merry Christmas but still commented on the bling because that's all anyone can think of. They wrote, "Well that is one gorgeous ring!! Lucky you, how sweet of him Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas!"

Stars like Yvette Nicole Brown also quickly congratulated Cher on her new bling and possible engagement to Edwards. 

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Cher Says She And Edwards Kiss 'Like Teenagers'

The 'Strong Enough' singer on Twitter shared a photo of Edwards smiling to the camera and captioned it, "A.E, Hanging Ot." In the photo, a shirtless Edwards showed off his tattoos while wearing just boxer briefs.

While reacting to the shirtless photo of the young artist, a fan asked the 76-year-old star, "What is the best quality that you most admire A E ?" to which she replied, "He's Kind, Smart, Hilarious…& We [Kiss emoji] Like Teenagers."

The singer replied to another fan who complimented Edwards as "handsome," saying she doesn't "GIVE MEN QUALITIES THEY DON'T POSSESS." 


She finished the statement by revealing she wished she was younger, but "I'M NOT BOO FKN HOO."

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