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Melanie Martin Is Still 'Having Nightmares' About Aaron Carter's Death

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 22, 2022 at 1:00 AM EST

Melanie Martin is still mourning the loss of her ex-fiancé Aaron Carter.

The actress' life had been turned upside down after a housekeeper discovered Carter's body in a bathtub in his California home early last month. And even though the official cause of death remains unclear, some people have assumed it is related to his long-running battle with drug abuse and addiction. Carter and Martin welcomed a son named Prince during their turbulent relationship.

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Melanie Martin Has Nightmares About The Events Leading To Aaron Carter's Death

Melanie Martin's post on her Instagram story.
Instagram | Melanie Martin

Since she was accused of not being sensitive about Carter's death, Martin has tried to be more open and expressive about her pain and how she handles it. The "I Could Never Be Your Woman" star has even gone as far as sharing videos of herself and her late 'soulmate' in intimate moments with claims that "he was beautiful," adding that she would "never be the same.",

She recently suffered another bout of heartbreak that prompted her to upload a picture of herself in bed with tear-soaked eyes to her Instagram Story. Martin donned a yellow top with some eye makeup as she  wrote:

"Having nightmares asking myself why the ducking maid didn't call me to alert me if cops showed up for a welfare check and why she lied to me telling me he had snacks that day."

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The "Jacob's Trouble" actress further explained that she and Prince were two hours away and blamed the maid for "allowing this to happen," concluding "and acted like a lazy maid [.] I'm tired of feeling this way."

Another story upload from the 30-year-old showed Carter recording himself during what appeared to be an Instagram Live stream. He was walking purposely towards the corner where his baby boy could be heard bawling.

The late celeb is heard telling the crying toddler, "Mama's got you, buddy. You want me to play some Christmas music for you?" as he approaches him. Upon getting to Prince, the rapper who attained fame in the 1990s began belting out Brenda Lee's hit holiday single, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

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The clip, which Martin captioned, "This is hard," and rant comes on the heels of a judge awarding her legal custody of Prince. According to The Blast, the ruling was given during a hearing in Los Angeles.

Martin, whose mom was previously in charge of the toddler's well-being due to concerns about Carter's drug use and the couple's domestic violence issues, was in New York at the time of the hearing.

However, she quickly hopped on a flight to California to see her one-year-old son after she received the news. Expressing her excitement about the outcome, the OnlyFans model stated:

"I'm honoring Aaron today and I know he would be so proud of me. I'm very emotional thinking we could have been a family, but Aaron would be so happy knowing I got him back."

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Melanie Martin's post on her Instagram page
Instagram | Melanie Martin
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The news also pleased Carter's mother, who is allegedly not a fan of Martin. As far as she was concerned, a child should be with their mother and nobody else.

'The Woman in the Red Dress' Actress Remembers Sweet Moments With The Teen Pop Star

A few days ago, The Blast noted that Martin appeared to be taking her healing process slowly a month after Carter's death. To that end, the Hampton University alum shared a photo that featured her late beau holding up a phone as they posed in front of a mirror.

The pair had donned adorable matching gray and white onesies with nothing on their feet as their son napped in his father's arms. The "Fat Albert" actor had cradled the baby boy's neck while his on-again-off-again fiancée placed her hand around his shoulders.

Martin took things up an emotional notch in a second Story that showed an adult festive onesie laid out on a floor carpet. The instrumentals for "Somewhere in My Memory" from the "Home Alone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" played softly in the background.

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While it is evident that Carter was supposed to rock the onesie when the holidays rolled around, it was unclear if it had been purchased for him by Martin as a surprise or if the late 34-year-old rapper had seen it before his unexpected death.

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