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Aaron Carter's Family Reveal Their Plans For Late Singer's Son

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By Favour Adegoke on December 5, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST

Post his passing, Aaron Carter's family have revealed that they want all his money to go to his toddler son, Prince. The former teen pop star had Prince with his long-time on and off fiancée Melanie Martin. The former couple has been in several publicized fights over the past years, so much so that their son had to be moved to stay with Martin's grandmother earlier this year.

Aaron was also not in the best place with his twin sister Angel and brother Nick Carter before he died. The duo had reportedly filed for restraining orders against him after alleged threats against their lives and that of their family.

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After his death, it was revealed that Aaron did not write a will to share his properties. In cases like this, the child usually receives whatever is to be passed on, which the artist's family just revealed they were fine with.

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Aaron Carter's Family Wants Prince To Have His Estate

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Per TMZ, Aaron's family, including his mom and siblings, have all decided to leave his fortune untouched to give his one-year-old Prince security once he grows up. They believe this decision will help avoid any disputes over his assets. Aaron was reported dead in November, having been found drowned in a tub by his housekeeper.

His lack of a will was discovered after his death, leading to the conversation of property sharing. Jane Carter, Aaron's mother, revealed that everything in his estate, which totals approximately $550K in both personal property and real estate, would go to Prince. She explained that this was the best way to avoid any unsavory legal situation and a solution that Aaron would have likely preferred.

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Melanie Martin & Aaron Carter at Celebrity Boxing event in Philadelphia, PA
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Jane shared that Angel and Nick, Aaron's siblings, had not met their nephew, Prince, yet; however, they would love to have a relationship with both the one-year-old and his mother, Martin, who currently has custody of him.

Earlier this week, Angel reportedly filed a petition to serve as the administrator of her twin brother's estate. Jane revealed that she asked Angel to make the filing. She also said that weeks before he passed, Aaron had reached out to Nick to make up, but at the time, the artist was on tour. He apparently sought to respond to Aaron after returning home, but it never happened.

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Aaron Carter Passed Without A Will

Aaron Carter

After Aaron's untimely passing, it was revealed that he did not leave a will to signify who inherited his estate. While alive, he was reportedly advised by an attorney to make a will, mainly because he had a young child who depended on him. Aaron's decision at the time was stalled because of his ongoing issues with his fiancée, Martin.

At the time, the LA County Dept. of Children and Family Services had to be involved, and Prince, who was 11 months old, was taken away from their home. He was placed in his grandmother's home and has been with her since September. Despite this, Aaron was still advised to make a will, but before he got around to it, he passed.

According to the inheritance law applicable in California and several other US states, if an unmarried person dies without a will but leaves a child behind, the estate would go to the child.

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Aaron Carter And His Siblings Had A Complex Relationship 

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According to TMZ, Aaron and Nick, known for their feud when the father of one was alive, did not have the opportunity to make up before his death. Angel, Aaron's twin sister, revealed that months before his death, she reached out to the "Crush On You" singer and informed him that she and Nick still loved him and wanted to see him healthy.

For this reason, Aaron thought they were all on good terms before his death. The family had several publicly explosive interactions in the past. Both Nick and Angel reportedly had a restraining order against Aaron, and as a result, he was legally not allowed to make any direct contact with them.

Nick initially got the restraining order in 2019 after Aaron allegedly threatened to kill the artist's then-pregnant wife and unborn child. Angel, on her end, filed for a restraining order that same year, claiming that her twin brother had threatened to send hit men to her.

The bad blood between them seemed to have died down, especially after Nick and Angel honored Aaron via Instagram posts after his death.

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Nick Carter Paid Tribute To His Late Brother

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During his O2 Arena show last month with the Backstreet Boys, Nick broke down in tears mid-performance. The actor revealed that his brother's passing totally shattered him and said they still had love between them despite their tumultuous relationship for the past few years.

The singer took to Instagram to pour out his feelings concerning the passing, admitting that he felt heartbroken and always hoped that they would somehow resolve things amongst themselves. "My heart is broken. Even though my brother and I have had a complicated relationship, my love for him has never ever faded," Nick's statement read.

"I have always held on to the hope that he would somehow, someday, want to walk a healthy path and eventually find the help that he so desperately needed," he continued. The artist further noted that "addiction and mental illness" was sometimes the reason for a loss. Nick concluded his statement by saying how much he loved and would miss Aaron.

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