Kelly Clarkson Fans DEVASTATED Over Her Getting Divorce -- 'Fight For Your Family!'

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By Mike Walters on June 12, 2020 at 7:05 AM EDT

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Kelly Clarkson fans are devastated over her filing for divorce from husband, Brandon Blackstock, and they are flooding her with messages begging the couple to give it another shot!

The 'Voice' star and talk show host is used to having the public share opinions on her private life, but in this case, her massive fan base is really upset by the singer ending her 7-year marriage.

Fans have flooded the couple's social media pages, begging them to reconsider getting divorced, and even giving them advice on how to reignite and reconcile their relationship.

See The heartbreaking messages...

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"I have just heard the heartbreaking news of your divorce. No one knows your personal life and we should not know your details. As happy as you once were, as happy as you seemed, I do hope you fought for it. Counseling, talking, and listening. All the work and all the money and fame are not worth the love of a great partner to walk through life with if it can be salvaged. Life is about love and family and your little ones not money, fame or the next deal. God bless you both during this trying time in your lives," one fan posted.

As we previously reported, the couple has listed their Los Angeles home for sale, along with a ranch in Tennesse. One ongoing theme for th 'American Idol' OG's fans is the notion of fame and money not being worth losing your marriage.

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"Divorce is not the answer. CHANGE is," one fan lectured Brandon.

They continued, "You don’t need to work on top of each other. Buy some farmland in LA. Build a ranch. And then go home to your wife and kids. This woman still has stars in her eyes when she talks about you. She doesn’t want you to let her leave. She wants you to FIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY."

Some of the messages read like someone who is part of the family and has a lot invested in their relationship.

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"Fight for your marriage!! God can move mountains!! Pray about it. Marriage is such a sacred thing before God!! Stay together and work through it! Do it for the two of you and your beautiful kids!" a person posted.

We broke the story, Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce in L.A Courts after 7-years of marriage.

In the documents, the 'Voice' judge cited 'irreconcilable differences' as the reason for the split but did not pinpoint an exact day of the couple's separation.

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She is asking the court to award them joint custody of their two minor children and to enforce their prenuptial agreement. Our sources say the split is 'amicable' but it appears the marriage is over for good.

But, as we said, the fans are VERY upset by the split and are hoping to convince them to try and work things out!

"Heard the news I'm so heartbroken I don't know the details that are your guys business but I pray hard you guys get counseling and get back together seeing her talk about you she was so in love, praying for you guys," one fan told Brandon.

Only time will tell...

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